Rajesh J Khanna - Founder, Director
Rajesh J Khanna - Founder, Director

Unni and Rajesh team up.

Rajesh was in a business that was waiting for traction. Unni had renounced his job in advertising in search of a more meaningful existence. Both were bored stiff with careers that ceased to be challenging anymore.

The WWW beckoned, offered nirvana.

But the path to salvation wasn't easy. The duo toiled away tirelessly from out of a garage. Rajesh’s dad, the late Jogindernath Khanna, sponsored the garage:-)

Rajesh and Unni beat the streets looking for work. They over delivered on quality. And struggled to make ends meet.

 In retrospect, a wise decision

Circa 2015, Pigtail Pundits is a full-service, global interactive communications company.

Krishna Unni - Founder, Director
Krishna Unni - Founder, Director

We operate out of a single office in Mumbai. We efficiently service hundreds of clients across the globe, from Las Vegas, Tampa Bay, Phoenix,  Austin, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Stockholm, Sydney, Hong Kong,  Auckland, Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Trivandrum.



A pure design company focused on Indian Clients.

It took 28 visits before we got our first client. Rajtaru Studios, are you listening?


Advertised web design services on Rob Frankel's mailing list.

Got our first overseas enquiry for designing a small website for a client based in San Fransisco - Echogent. The client was participating in an exhibition and wanted his website done before the exhibition (Are you listening, Scott?). This didn’t give us time. We delivered the site on schedule. The client loved it. The monies were wire transferred directly to our bank. 

Hamilton Wallace and Lyle Polok from the US started doing business with us.


Grew from a 3 to a 6 person organization.  We also added a slew websites for advertising and showbiz professionals and companies: Atul Kasbekar, Boman Irani, Highlight Films, Shiamak Davar...


Grew our technology. Got an award.

We added Java/ Microsoft to focus on Indian and International clients. 

At the Indian Advertising Festival 2000, we were awarded the Finalist Certificate for the Best Interactive Company/Brand of the year, by an international jury.

Visited our clients in the US, UK and Singapore. We stopped participating in awards as we felt that this was a results medium we were in and our peers don't award that.



Abandoned Microsoft. Turned Open Source.

Embraced Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. Became a marketing value-add company focused on Indian and International clients. 

Started training in-house, all our resources in technology, creative and web marketing.

Visited our clients in the US, UK.



Appointed as the digital agency for Harley-Davidson India.

We touch the 100% training mark in-house. All the web disciplines - Tech, Creative & Copy, Online Marketing covered. All resources are trained in-house.



Started Content Marketing initiative for International Clients.

Abandoned Joomla. Stuck with WordPress and Drupal.


Completed the NatGeo Traveller India magazine website in Processwire.

Easily one of the biggest projects we had attempted with a new technology.

Abandoned Drupal for Processwire.




Bagged the prestigious CSDC Systems website revamp project.

Opened Kochi office for Technology.




Our team is now stable at 20 folks.

What’s even better, we have survived, on our own. No funding. No borrowed capital. No debt. No bust. Just organic growth.

Growth has been generated purely from our revenues. Add to it a dash of doggedness, fair share of mistakes, falling, getting up, discovering, learning, a focus on and an unflinching passion for what we do.

We've perfected the art of remotely servicing our international clients from Mumbai.

It hasn't been easy. But, we think we're doing a pretty good job with clients and alliances in Mumbai, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Miami, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, New York, Toronto, Australia, New Zealand and London.

Over the years, the project sizes have increased in value and sophistication. Our clients keep coming back with more business and undiluted praise.

We have stuck to our knitting and we’re still around.

During our stint on the web, we were witness to the boom, the bust, and the in-betweens. One of the big reasons for the dot-com crash in 2002 was that folks ventured outside of what they knew well. Sure some did succeed, but the majority failed, and exited.

We at Pigtail Pundits knew how to build spades. So when the Gold Rush happened we built more spades, ...err websites. We didn’t run for the gold and come to grief. We’re still around as a result. Thank heavens for that.

Our objectives, from 1997 till today remain the same.

Achieve extraordinary results for our clients through better thinking and thorough knowledge of the best practices in digital marketing. Find cost-effective solutions for our clients, not just limited to what we know or can work with. Challenge the status quo often to allow ourselves and our team to grow. Tie up with partners who are better than us at what they do.

Consult with us for your next web store, web design revamp, web marketing, or in-house web training project.

You’ll be glad you did.

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