2014 is here! Is your blog worth celebrating for?

Having a company blog that sells your product, or service is no rocket science. And blog conversion is not a new phenomenon. Still, many blogs are underperformers. Is your blog one of them? Is it giving you the desired return on investment? Here’s how you can find out.

Check social media metrics

Blog posts are eventually seeded into the social media. What better way than to check a blog’s success in the social arena? Look at the number of views, shares, re-tweets, etc. on social networking sites. Even page insights on Facebook prove valuable to see which content topics are more popular among the audience. After all, better social media ranking also enhances your company’s performance in organic search results.

Is it relevant?

Find out if all your blog posts are channelling appropriate traffic. You need to know if all the content you’re putting up is relevant or simply eating time and web-space. Here’s the most basic way— divide the number of visits by the number of page views. Though not much, this will give you a fair idea as to where people go on your blog.

Spy on your visitors

Yes, we mean it! See how much time they spend on your website and how many pages they go to per visit. Besides knowing what interests your visitors, you’ll know how much of your company goal is being fulfilled in terms of building brand awareness.


You heard me. Global statistics show that majority of people who start blogs drop the initial momentum after the first 3 months. The number of followers seems to be growing rather slowly compared to your marketing efforts, your best blog topics don’t have as many likes or comments…just yet. This de-motivates the most ambitious of people. It’s human psychology!

What you need to understand is that fame in the blog world is not an overnight achievement. Your marketing efforts need time to trickle down and reach the masses. As time passes, more and more people will know about your company’s blog, but only if you keep your efforts going at the same pace as when you started. Are you?

Use Google in-page Analytics

This is one of the best ways to know which blog posts are being read the most, if at all, on your company blog. And whether they result in conversions after that.

In-page analytics shows you how many people have been to which pages on your company website, from your blog. See the number of people on going to the sell pages and from which pages they’re going there. That’s your key to a better company blog. Focus on topics that convert. Don’t just hoard up content in the name of content marketing.

Tell us some of your blog success/failure stories and the experience you’ve had. And remember, we’re always there to help you. Hope to hear from you soon. Till then, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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