6 proven ways to increase your website’s conversion rate

We’d totally trust you if you said your business was unique. That it solved a problem no one else does.

We’d also believe you if you said you’re doing your best to promote your business online, but failing to see results.

The question you need to ask yourself is, are you doing the right thing? Are you targeting the right audience? And using the right marketing medium?

Having worked with hundreds of clients, we’ve come across so many brands who put in a lot of time and effort into digital marketing, but fail to see results because they’re doing it all wrong.

One of the most common problem brands face is, a lot of traffic on the website but no conversion.

Why are your website visitors aren’t converting into customers?

5 reasons why your website visitors aren’t converting

Sending traffic to your website is simple. With so many options for paid promotions, it is now simpler than ever before. But the real challenge is optimising your website for conversion.

How do you ensure that your website is optimised for conversions?

When designing your website or landing page, ask yourself these 5 questions.

  1. Have you tried A/B testing?

    The only way to learn what works and what doesn’t with your target audience is by running continuous A/B or split tests.

    Let's say you have a landing page and you don’t know what kind of a headline would work on it. You’re also confused about how the page layout and CTA’s should be.

    In such a scenario simply create an A version and a B version of the page. Use different headlines, page layout and CTA’s. After a week or 15 days, see which page converts better.

    After a few iterations you’ll have a page that works best. You can get rid of the things which don’t work.

  2. Does the website offer value to the customer?

    This is the most important factor affecting your conversion rate. Remember prospects are looking for a good reason to buy from you. They not only want to know what you offer, but also why they should buy from you.

    Your value proposition shouldn’t be vague or fuzzy as this will leave the visitor confused. If you’re selling music instruments online then people shouldn’t be under the wrong impression that you teach music.

    Again, your value proposition should make you stand out. Don’t say the same thing your competitors are saying. If everyone’s saying the same thing, what is it that makes you different from the rest? Unless your audience can see that clearly, they aren’t going to choose you over others.

    You can also A/B test your value proposition to see what works with your audience. This is far more important and crucial than testing fonts, buttons etc.

  3. Does the website look trustworthy?

    How often have you heard of someone getting fooled online? Online scams are increasing by the day and people are getting increasingly conscious about who they trust or buy from.

    So how do you build trust on the web? Here are slideshow that shows you how.

  4. Are there too many friction points on the website?

    Friction is anything that keeps the visitor away from making a purchase or signing up for something. This is really harmful for your website as it lowers the conversion rate.

    To make sure you aren’t driving away customers from your website, keep these 5 things in mind.

    Keep the forms short. Don’t ask too many unnecessary questions.

    Write like you talk. Don’t use very long sentences or too much industry jargon.

    Write your copy using the storybrand framework by Donald Miller.

    Avoid having too many CTA’s. Urging people to take multiple actions can confuse them.

    Don’t get overly creative or artistic with fonts. Use fonts which are simple and easy to read.

  5. Are you showcasing past projects on the website?

    People won’t trust you blindly. They always want to see some proof of your work before they buy your product or service.

    Here are some ways to show social proof on your website

    Here’s a screenshot from the website of Joshua Royalties explicitly showing social proof to gain trust of their customers.

    Customer testimonials

    It’s always a good idea to have positive testimonials of your clients on your site. People will relate to your clients’ problems and also know how your product or service solved it for them.

    You can also include testimonials of clients who were in a worse condition then the average customer. This trick always works as people feel if your product or service has solved more complex problems it can surely solve theirs.

    Here is what a customer testimonial looks like. This is from the website JacknSteve.

    Case studies

    This is again a great way to show your prospects the exact steps you took to solve your clients’ problems. Looking at the results you have achieved for your clients people will find trusting you much easier. This is an easy yet a powerful way to increase your conversion rate.

    Here is our own section of case studies.

    Social media engagements

    If you have thousands of customers using your service or products then make it apparent. If you have worked on hundreds of projects, show it up front. People don’t want to be your only customers and looking at this data will give them the confidence to trust you.

  6. Show a demo

    If you can, show your prospects a demo of your product. You can also have a video showing features of your product.

    Punditam, a school marketing CMS by Pigtail Pundits has a whole website as a demo. It’s a great way for customers to see what they’re getting.

    These are some proven ways experts have been using to increase conversions on their website.

    Conversion rates might not increase overnight, but if your stay committed to it you’ll start seeing results slowly. Optimising your website for conversions is an on-going process. Especially with the trends on the internet and Google’s algorithm changing so rapidly these days, it is best to keep your website up to date.

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