6 Qualities That Differentiate a Great Programmer From an Average One

Tech projects always have deadlines. As a developer you have to finish your job in a stipulated time. In fact, there may be many instances when your team is expected to meet unrealistic deadlines.

In such times, the productivity of your team members matters the most. And this is when you can clearly see the difference between great, productive programmers and average programmers. You’d notice that great programmers have the ability to finish things off in record time, whereas average programmers struggle to meet their deadlines.

Thinking why only a few programmers could be great? What sets them apart?

Being in the tech industry for years we would be able to answer this. It’s basically because some programmers have some intangible qualities in them which make them great.

Want to know what those qualities are? Let’s dive in.

  1. Positive attitude towards work

    In an urgency, great programmers go that extra mile to get the job done. They bring their best to work every day and bring value to the table.

    They don’t let their ego get in the way of constructive criticism and work on their shortcomings. They’re the ones who don’t only work for the perks but because they genuinely care for the project.

    This is why, in some cases, they may also show a sense of ownership over it.

  2. Managing work effectively

    Web developers need to estimate the amount of time needed to complete a task, communicate it to the client and deliver on time.

    Therefore, time and task management is a skill very critical for their success. Great developers are good at managing this.

    They not only complete tasks on time but manage meetings, clients and team-work easily.

  3. Ability to learn things quickly

    Great programmers are awesome self-learners. They have an insatiable hunger for learning new languages, frameworks and technologies and they do so out of personal interest. This makes them learn things very quickly. 

    In fact, if they encounter a problem they do not have an answer to, they tend to quickly research and come up with the best possible solution.

    Remember, the best skill anyone can have is knowing how to learn and great programmers master this skill.

  4. Being a great team player

    Great programmers help other programmers when they get stuck. They’re in fact like teachers to the ones who are new to the profession. Moreover, they’re great at documenting processes, which not only help folks internally but their whole community on the web. 

    They’re also great at maintaining interpersonal relationships and mitigating conflicts at work.

  5. Ability to look at things holistically

    Great programmers not only focus on the tasks assigned to them but look at the bigger picture. They understand the implications of the task assigned to them and take note of the difference it makes to the system as a whole. This way they also suggest alternatives which more often than not improve the system.

  6. Being self motivated

    Great programmers are the ones who don’t need constant prodding, they in fact have a personal desire for success. Leaders and managers admire such employees as they do not need much of their time. Great programmers are confident, determined and persistent. 

These are some of the qualities great programmers possess.

Remember, once you set yourself apart from the crowd, companies would literally do anything to retain you. Companies give out stock options, pay employees for working overtime and give compensated paid leaves. The only thing you have to do is hone your craft each day and become great at it.

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