7 Hard facts for your Content Marketing Strategy

You lose an opportunity when you spend more time creating and promoting content and less time optimizing it - make it shareable for consumers.

1. Look beyond Twitter & Facebook One of the common myths is that sharing only on Facebook and Twitter is enough to market your content. Major social sharing buttons limit new user acquisition and page views. The lesser mainstream share buttons like Email, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google are still effective in attracting a large audience. A third-party sharing widget is a smart choice that integrates multiple sharing channels into one JavaScript tag that limits page load time and increases the chances for your content to be shared.

2. Allow users promote your content. Using counters to show share volumes is a good content optimization option. Counters on a website can see an 8-10 percent increase in sharing volumes within one month. Digital consumers always favour content with high shares.

3. Demonstrate social proof About 80-85 percent of all shares of the web come from users copying and pasting text, which is known as ‘dark social’. An easy way to tackle this is to use third-party tools like and advanced sharing platforms that can track not only how many users are sharing text from certain articles or product pages, but also which keywords they are sharing.

Another trick to catch dark social activity is to include a link-back to the original page. For example, a copy-and-paste tracking can let you know when a user tries to copy and paste any portion of the text, a read more attribution link and text is added underneath.

4. Use short-form content for mobiles Mobile users are less receptive to browsing as compared to desktop users. The truth is that most mobile searches happen at home or at the office where a desktop is present. A successful content strategy for mobile involves a short-form content  for mobile.

5. Mix short articles with long ones Thought leadership in long form content is prime. Offer big content that helps you establish yourself as a thought leader and that involves looking past the motivational quotes or short content that brands have published with the help of content mills. An in-depth article will make brands stand out from the shortcut marketers. However, long content can also include video, interactive infographics and a mini website.

6. Repurpose old content and extend its life Your old content is like a treasure chest which can be utilized after tweaking it in different content formats. You can curate, update and re-purpose old content effectively. The best way to re-purpose old content is to break it down in bite-sized portions. A white paper can be converted into a blog or a short video. You can also make social posts out of them.

7. Think like a publisher Try following the mind of a journalists and publishers as they are champions of strategy, execution, distribution and storytelling. When you capture your audience’s intrigue, you can create some compelling content.

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