How to hire a StoryBrand Copywriter to Sell on your Website and Landing Page.

As an online marketer today, you’d be very concerned about

  1. How do you sell on your website with better results
  2. How to sell on your landing pages for better ROI on your Adwords spend? 

The answer is simple and complicated: It lies in better persuasion.

But, there’s a warning.

Better persuasion works if you have a decent product, or service.

If the product, or service sucks then good copy won’t help.

You’d be better off improving the product.

In this article, we learn about persuasion, the exact places to learn more about copywriting frameworks, understand what the StoryBrand persuasion framework is, how to evaluate a copywriter and some tips for it, and what to look for in a StoryBrand Copywriter.


  1. Where does the power of persuasion lie?
  2. Where do you start learning about persuasion?
  3. What is the secret that great copywriters know but many marketers don’t?
  4. Use a modern persuasion framework called StoryBrand
  5. How did the StoryBrand Framework come about
  6. You’re in a hurry to implement the StoryBrand technique, right?
  7. How to Interview the Storybrand copywriter
  8. More Tips to How to Select a Copywriter
  9. Be prepared to pay for good copy work
  10. Need great copy for your website?

Where does the power of persuasion lie?

Most business folks think great persuasion is about great design. The fact is that it’s not.

Persuasion is in harnessing words elegantly and imaginatively to address the needs, problems and pains of the customer.

You then mix this with proper facts about your product, or business.

And weave this beautifully with insights about your customers.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?


Where do you start learning about persuasion?

The best place to start on your persuasion journey is with known, proven-to-work heuristics.

What you do here is to piggyback on the famous writers and their formulae for writing that works and produces results.

The great Direct Response Advertising practitioners have known this all along.

What’s more they have chronicled it for us to use.

Joanna Weibe, of Copy Hackers, has artfully put this together for you and me.

You can use these copy formulae to accelerate your understanding of copy.

Experiment with it. Understand how to evaluate good copy from bad. And over time, learn what works and what doesn’t.


What is the secret that great copywriters know that many marketers don’t?

  1. Customers don’t buy products or services. They buy a solution to their needs, problems, or pains.

    Theodore Levitt puts this across beautifully: You make a 4 inch drill. The customer buys a 4 inch hole.

    Charles Revlon, of Revlon Cosmetics, also wrote about this: “IN THE FACTORY WE MAKE COSMETICS, IN THE STORE WE SELL HOPE.”

    What these statements underline clearly is that what you make and what you sell are two different things.

    Marketing wisdom lies in understanding the difference and addressing it correctly in the copy.

    Unfortunately, the web is littered with examples of poor copy that tells but rarely sells.

    Read how to see the difference between Tell and Sell.

  2. You can’t sell bad products and services with good copy

    Get the product right and then perhaps good copy has hope. Otherwise you will just hasten its demise.

  3. Good copy is about weaving facts and customers insights into persuasion.

    This is not about writing from imagination. Or just grammatically correct writing.

    Or peppering sentences with alliterations and adjectives that don’t mean anything.

    Nor is it copying what other people say and doing one better.

    Good copy understands customer psychology and what motivates them. It then uses product facts to answer questions and solve pains.

    Read about the principles of persuasion in copywriting.

  4. Great design is usually a distraction to great sell. Amazon understands it well. So does BaseCamp.

    Copy is paramount. Design is understated and restrained on websites that test their pages.

    Revisit Amazon’s sell pages. Or take a look at if you want proof.

How to use a modern persuasion framework called StoryBrand

StoryBrand, is a persuasion framework by Donald Miller.

It’s recent. It has several pointers which we can use to build high converting websites and landing pages.

The StoryBrand framework does not conflict with the great works of the Direct Marketing practitioners.

In fact, it works well with the Direct Marketing writing principles and provides a great peg to hang your writing on.

How did the StoryBrand Framework come about

Donald Miller studied the secrets of winning, block buster Hollywood movies.

What he discovered was that there was a common thread that ran through all the successful movies.

He then essenced this into a 7-part success framework. Brands can use this framework for effective selling.

The beauty is that this framework address the various parts of the human brain to achieve a complete sell.

Read about the StoryBrand BrandScript Framework and how to use it for web copy that sells.

Understand the steps in the StoryBrand Framework

Even if you have not read the book “StoryBrand” or delved deep into its processes to uncover its mysteries, you’d still need to know the basic principles before you start working with it.

The elegance of the 7-part Brandscript framework is undeniable.

  • A Character, or the Hero [the customer]
  • With a problem [think, feel, do of the problem]
  • Meets a Guide [the brand] with empathy and authority
  • The Guide gives him a plan of action [precise steps to reach the goal]
  • And issues a call to action [primary and secondary CTAs]
  • That results in a tragedy [failure]
  • Or a comedy [success]

Read more about the 7-step StoryBrand  Framework by Donald Miller.

Where can you use the StoryBrand framework?

  1. You can use this framework to craft websites that sell.

    That is rewrite and redesign your website services copy for better conversions.

    You can also use it to create lead-generating offers. Sell a product/ service, or get a customer to download an eBook.

    You can use this formula for landing pages and marketing collateral

  2. You can use this formula for crafting landing pages 

    Landing Pages cost you money. After all you invest in keywords, write ads, pay Google bids, and get customers to your Landing Pages.

    It would be a great pity after doing all this if your persuasion falters on your Landing Page and does not convert.

  3. Ditto for marketing collateral that you invest in.

    You can use it for email marketing and automated email campaigns

    All your marketing efforts should be directed towards getting ROI.

  4. ROI has to be measured. Anything less and you’re engaging in wasteful promotions.

    You can use this format to spot the nuances in the work done by StoryBrand copywriters that you evaluate.

You’re in a hurry to implement the StoryBrand technique, right?

Wait, don’t. Contain your enthusiasm a bit to understand what you should do.

Great copy does not exist in a vacuum.

It piggybacks on facts about the product. It combines insights about your customers into elegant, persuasive copy.

It uses a competitive context to explain why and how you’re different from others.

The fact is that you need to know enough about your customer, your competition, and your products/ service before you start.

Some questions you should be prepared for.

Let’s get some facts about your product, or service that will get into our story telling.

  1. Who buys your product, or service [age, location, work, interests]
  2. What motivates the person to buy?
  3. What does success look like for your customer?
  4. What does failure look like for him/her?
  5. What are the benefits of using your product?
  6. What’s so distinctive about your product, or service that someone should buy from you?
    How is it different from what the competition offers: Cheaper, faster, packed with more features, packed with more benefits, etc
  7. What process do you employ to build your product, or service?
  8. What social proof do you have to bolster your claims?
  9. What does the customer have to do to buy your product?
  10. What’s your offer to the customer?
  11. What is the call to action?

How do you answer these questions?

  1. There’s been primary research done on your brand for years now. You can now whip this up.
  2. You have testimonials, affiliations, accreditations, processes used to craft the product/ service.
  3. You don’t have the answers and would need help to administer a customer survey.
  4. You don’t have the answers and would need some secondary research on the web to get the answers

Understand where you are right now and be ready to do what it takes to get the answers.

Read the article on how to research customers to create compelling communications


Interview the Storybrand copywriter.

Ok, you have done all the homework needed, and are ready to hire your StoryBrand Copywriter.

What precisely should you look for? Outlined below are some pointers.

  1. Does he/she ask a lot of questions?
    Questions about the customers, product/ service, its use, your competition, survey results, research findings, affiliations, accreditation, testimonials, etc.

  2. Can he/she show you examples of work with StoryBrand principles in it?
    Actual writing examples available online.

  3. Can you spot the 7-steps of the framework in his work?
    This is something which you have to assess.

  4. Does the writing pass the Hemingway and Crio test?
    These are grammar tests that you can easily run on the samples given by the copywriter.
    Use the Hemingway App, and the Crio with Google Sheets, or Grammarly to check for grammar.

  5. Can he tell you how his approach has resulted in results for his clients?
    Before the copy, and after the copy.


More Tips to How to Select a Copywriter

  1. 16 Tips to hire a Copywriter
  2. Gary Halbert’s Letter on Hiring Copywriters
  3. The Secrets To Hiring And Developing The Best Copywriters For Your Website

Be prepared to pay for good copy work

  1. Good copywriters don’t come cheap
  2. Like any skill, copywriting takes years to perfect and it costs money
  3. Not all writing is the same: For example if you’re writing a blog post, or an article for SEO Backlinks you don’t need a great copywriter. You just need someone who can curate, rewrite, and use SEO principles to add keywords and links. But for selling services on websites, Landing Pages where you invest money, you do need good/ skilful copy,
  4. Remember, writers are not gods. For that matter, neither are marketers. You can’t get it right all of the time. Experience helps, but not always. The right way to go about this is to experiment and fine tune the writing for better conversions after basing it on initial heuristics. Factor this into your costs.

Need great copy for your website?

At Pigtail Pundits, we have been working on websites that sell for many years now. We have clients all over the globe.

One of the things we do well is to write copy that sells. We also write awesome content for blogs and SEO.

We use the Storybrand framework for website and other copy scripting.

If you need a StoryBrand copywriter to help you with web copy, don’t look further.

See some of the StoryBrand Formula Websites that we have implemented.

  1. D'frens

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  3. Jags & Steve

Write to us about your requirements and we’d be more than happy to solve your conversion headaches.

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