What is conversion optimization and why is it so important?

Today, conversion rate optimization [CRO] is very popular amongst digital marketers.

CRO techniques help online businesses, especially e-commerce giants, to improve their online properties.

CRO tests and experiments with different aspects of a website, or a landing page, such as design, copy, functionality, etc.

The idea behind the experiments is to improve the user experience on the website.

Why do you need conversion rate optimisation?

Imagine you are a store owner.

What if people came to your store, in streams, looked around, and went away?

You would wonder why people leave without buying, right?

This could happen to your website as well. You get substantial traffic, but visitors do not take any action.

This is when you need to apply conversion optimization techniques to your website.

It helps the traffic coming to your website take the desired action you want them to take.

This action could be anything from making a purchase, to filling up an enquiry form, or even signing up for a newsletter.

What is conversion optimization?

“In internet marketing, conversion optimization, or conversion rate optimization is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers, or more generally, take any desired action on a webpage. It is commonly referred to as CRO.”

Why is conversion optimization important?

  1. CRO helps you know your customers better

    Whether you are an online retailer or you have some other kind of business online, you have to know your customers. You need to know who they are and what are they looking for.

    CRO helps you with exactly that. Much of the research that goes into CRO is about knowing who your customer is and with testing you would also come to know what do they prefer.

    Knowing your customer will also help you draw a buyer persona which will in turn help you in marketing your services or products.

  2. CRO turns visitors into customers

    When you continuously optimize your website you start knowing your customers better. This will lead to better user experience on your online portal.

    The better the user experience for the visitor the more they will convert into customers. This way you would fetch more customers in the same amount of traffic that you already have.

  3. CRO leverages your current website traffic

    CRO isn’t about driving more traffic to your website.

    The greatest benefit of CRO is that it works with the current traffic that you already are getting on your website. No doubt there is an initial monetary and time investment in optimizing your website but once that’s done you’ll start making the most of your website traffic.

  4. CRO makes online advertising more rewarding

    You might already know that Pay Per Click advertising is becoming more and more expensive. If you’re in a competitive industry where hundreds of other companies are trying to gain traction from ads then the costs go even higher.

    Again, the click throughs may not necessarily convert, making the huge amount spent on ads totally worthless.

    This is where CRO comes into play, converting the visitors you get from ads, making the whole activity worthwhile.

  5. CRO battles diminishing attention spans

    In this age of smartphones and social media, people are dealing with diminishing attention spans.

    Scientists say these days a goldfish can hold a thought longer than a human being. The human attention span has become as low as 8 seconds.

    This proves that your website has very little time to convince the visitor. If they don’t find what they need quickly and easily they will stray from your website. They may even go to your competitors site which gives them a quick fix.

    CRO is meant to deal with this mentality increasing the chances of converting a visitor.

  6. CRO improves your website’s layout, design and copy

    Your website has to be intuitive. Testing techniques will tell you what’s not working and what is working.

    1. Are the call to actions properly placed?
    2. Is the newsletter subscribe panel of the right colour?
    3. What kind of copy works best?

    These are some of the many questions you’ll have to answer while implementing CRO.

    Needless to say that because of this all the elements on your website would improve drastically.

  7. Google will love your website

    Google will not like it if many people are bouncing off from your website. This is not good for your SEO rankings.

    This is where CRO helps you to keep your visitors interested, and if you deliver what they are look for then google will for sure love your website.

  8. CRO saves you money

    The traffic that you’re getting through your marketing efforts be it social media ads or PPC are more likely to convert when you start using CRO techniques on your website. This lowers customer acquisition costs and you start saving money.

    These are some reasons why conversion rate optimization is so important and why it should be a part of your digital strategy.

    Want to convert more? Start implementing conversion rate optimization techniques on your website now.

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