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DSB International School Mumbai revamps
website with singular design and sell.

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About DSB International School

DSB International School, Mumbai offers the National Curriculum of England courses along with IB Diploma and the German Curriculum of Thuringen. Based in South Mumbai, the school had one clear remit. Boost admissions.

Our Challenge

Our remit was to re-design the website to give it a fresh web 2.0 look and make it reults-driven.

We had to rewrite the copy to include meaningful content that sells the school. Plus, re-architect the website with a better persuasion structure for conversions. It had to be responsive and accessible across all platforms and devices.

The Revamped Home Page

The new home page highlights the distinctiveness of DSB International School, visually. It outlines key concerns that parents need information on. Plus, it clearly explains why parents should choose DSB International over other IB Schools

The New Architecture

The navigation focuses on the pages which are most important to a parent. Page have calls to action prompts. Critical pages signal value proposition. The entire navigation within sections was made intuitive.

The Look, Feel, Tone

The site was made more visual. On page persuasion has copy written to sell, complemented with social proof and calls to action. The idea was to persuade parents to admit their children at DSB International School and get them to act.

Our Technology Assists

CSS3, HTML 5 using Processwire CMS and a dash of customisation and custom effects with JS. Themed on top of Foundation 5. Aggressively cached at the server for speed.

The Results

Distinctive design that’s singular to DSB International School. Precise and easy to decipher copy, complemented with stunning visuals of the school and its students. A clear navigation path with attention being paid to what is important to parents.

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