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65-page website, revamped in 3 weeks flat. Framework-based copy written. Hubspot integrated to nurture.

The Background

d’frens is an employee engagement company headquartered in Bangalore. d’frens offers companies experience-driven and highly effective team building, workforce learning, and employee communications. It’s India's #1 team-building company by far.

When d’frens decided to revamp its website, it looked for copywriters in India who were familiar with direct response copywriting techniques. They found Pigtail Pundits via Google Search.

Incidentally, Srikanth Murthy, one of the directors at d’frens, is a Certified StoryBrand Guide.  He was searching for a digital marketing agency from india which understood how to write copy to frameworks. He got in touch with us.

Why do you need Story Brand copy for your website?

Story Brand is one of the many proven frameworks in copy writing. It postulates a framework using the precise methods of Hollywood Movie Blockbusters for brand storytelling.

Some of the great Hollywood movies, though, are based on another framework for storytelling called Yhe Hero's Journey, a book by Joseph Campbell, that was first published in 1949.

What Story Brand does is to clarify your message, stack the brand’s value logically into your copy and design, and thereby push the right buttons in your customer’s head.

The Result: More conversions for your brand on your website.

What’s more the Story Brand method has been refined over the last couple of years and tested successfully on 100s of websites.

If your competition is still using Neanderthal persuasion methods, you have a huge, first-mover advantage using the Story Brand framework on your website or Landing Pages.

The Challenge for d'frens

The client had already worked on the 3 key service brand scripts and was completely informed on the brand value stack.

They were looking for help to nuance the copy and structure it persuasively.

Plus, leap from the services brandscript to sculpt and coax the About Us, Home Page, Case Studies, Careers and Activities pages on the website.

Additionally, the forms on the new website had to be integrated with Hubspot’s marketing automation engine and the autoresponders sequenced.

What’s more, the website had to be ready for the conference which d’frens was sponsoring

We had to deliver a fully responsive website, with Hubspot integration, in 3 weeks, come hell or high water.

The Results

A 65-page website was completed in 3 weeks for d’frens.

The website uses modern storytelling and copy forumulas, is responsive and mobile friendly.

It was Integrated with Hubspot for marketing automation. Delivered 3 days ahead of the conference.

The messaging is unambiguously clear. The value stacks are logical.

The CTAs integrated with Hubspot for nurturing.

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