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The Background

ISET conducts one of the best certification programs in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in India.

The highlights of the program are: in-class, face-to-face training in AI & ML that pack 1000 hours of intensive coaching, internship, and project work.

The program has practitioners with 170 years of business application expertise in AI & ML teaching the course.

Priced at Rs 6.0 Lakhs per student, it was one of the more expensive courses in AI & ML in the market.

ISET had already entrusted this work to another digital agency that botched it up. Expectedly, it was wary about results when we met with them.

The Challenge

Pigtail Pundits conducted a detailed competitive analysis of Indian and US players in the field of AI & ML Programs and Certification.

This is a highly competitive and fast growing segment with lots of players. There are low-cost courses, free programs, and expensive training available for students entering this stream.

Several of the Indian majors conducting AI & ML Training are well established, funded and offer online and offline courses to students and working professionals

The Solution

We gleaned insights from

  1. Competitive analysis of Indian and International Training Programs in AI & ML
  2. Interviewed Dr Mahendra Mehta and his team. 
    Dr Mehta is a doyen in AI & ML training in India having worked at HAL on the Prithvi program and with Citibank Asia for many years before starting NeuralTechSoft, a company that consults on AI & ML implementation.

The final persuasion was built using a storytelling framework for optimal conversion.

The CMS is ProcessWire. The system includes funnels for each program. Each funnel comprises of a Lead Magnet, associated content for the service in the blog, direct comparison with other courses, case studies and email sequences.

Lead generation is via Google Adwords and Facebook Advertsing.

The Results

We built the most compelling and persuasive landing pages for selling AI & ML Training in India, or even internationally.

PPC and FB Ad results have resulted in over 1000 webinar attendees and 1800 eBook downloads in 45 days.

This project has been temporarily been put on hold as Covid 19 interfered with its launch in April 2020.

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