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About Lasik India

Ojas Laser Eye Surgery Centre is one of India's leading Ophthalmic Eye Care Centre. Established in 1987, it has restored vision to over 80,000 patients across India and the world.

Our Challenge

Re-design the website to give it a fresh web 2.0 look. Re-write the copy with meaningful content that persuades. Re-architect the website with an effective persuasion structure that results in conversions. Design the website for access from any device.

How did we go about this?

Our in-depth research of eyecare websites in India and internationally told us a few things. Most of these were boring to the eye. Some were frightening in terms of visuals depicting gruesome eye operation techniques.

Almost all lacked the warmth required to persuade the patient to get an appointment with the doctors.

A few websites were brilliant with regards to the promise, vsiuals, copy, calls to action, and the persuasion needed.

With these insights, we started revamping the website. We re-wrote the entire copy based on the pain and gain of customers. We prioritized the content based on what we felt was most important to the customer.

We put the sell pages up front in the navigation.

The Redesigned Home for Lasik India

The home page clearly focuses on what is in it for the patients and how they can lead a life without glasses. The emotion was engineered to be positive.

It also outlines very clear reasons why customers should opt for Ojas Laser Eye Surgery Centre over other ophthalmic clinics in India, for Lasik surgery.

The New Architecture

The navigation focuses on the pages which is most important to a patient. The link structure was segregated into primary and secondary links. Calls-to-action were prominently embedded on every page to facilitate action by customers.

The primary navigation was simplified considerably with attention paid on Lasik and Why Choose Ojas. The secondary navigation focusses on Eye treatments, Eye Diseases, which are Blog categories with articles of value to the customers opting for Lasik surgery.

The site was made more visual

On page persuasion has copy written to sell.

Our Technology Assists

CSS, HTML, JQuery code atop Wordpress CMS. Responsive Design built on top of Foundation 5 CSS framework.

The Results

A unique website in this industry, precise and easy to understand copy, humanized visuals, and clear navigation with focus on the benefits of Lasik surgery.

Results in terms of information capture and appointments have been rolling in like never before.

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