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Small Business Marketing Consultant from Phoenix
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About Small Business Marketing Consultant

Started by Hamilton Wallace 30+ years ago, SBMC helps small businesses increase sales.

Hamilton acts as the Virtual Director of Marketing. He offers a Marketing Check-up of marketing processes. He helps with Search Engine Marketing. He Audits and Improves websites for small businesses.

Our Challenge

We had to re-brand the company website and its persuasion to make it stand apart from its competition in Arizona, USA.

This entailed re-designing the website to give it a fresh web 2.0 look, re-architecting the navaigation to focus on the money pages for successful conversions.

We also had to visualize an e-Book to be used as a capture device and make the website responsive for use across multiple devices.

Our enabling technology.

Wordpress CMS, CSS3, HTML5 and JS themed with Foundation 5 CSS framework. Hamilton needed a responsive website to meet the needs of customers accessing it through various devices.

The Results

Precise, simple-to-understand copy, supported by memorable visuals typographic visuals. Clear navigation with focus on what's important to the customer up front.

On-page persuasion peppered with persuasive copy, testimonials, and calls to action. And, of course, a dash of the Pigtail Pundits mantra - an interactive, responsive, appealing website for Small Business Marketing Consultant. 

Hamilton is mighty pleased with the results after the site went live.

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