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Targeted social media campaign + landing page

gets abundant leads for a Wellness Retreat

Cradled in the very bosom of the mighty Sahyadris, Shillim is a wellness retreat and resort that's grandly set in 3500 acres of pristine nature.

Managed by the Hilton, Shillim offers individually tailored wellness programs.These packages, unlike most other wellness programmes offered at other resorts, have a scientific underpinning.The results are measurable before and after you undertake the programme.

The results: Using social media marketing for promoting these programs has resulted in more people signing up for wellness programmes than ever before. Plus, the awareness of Shillim as a wellness resort has also increased considerably.

The Background

Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa, is a wellness retreat and spa offering a nature-filled environment for self-realization, conflict resolution, and restoring health through the Dharana Life Science programs.

During the festive season in India, it’s impossible to stay focused on your health. Noise pollution is severe. Eating sweets and other unhealthy foods is unavoidable.

For the health conscious, there are very few options. The Christmas Special Package at Hilton Shillim solved this problem magically. It offered a wellness escape to the pristine Sahyadris with the promise of yoga and ayurvedic treatments combined with tailored, holistic diets.

Elixir of Shillim, which is an on-going program, also focuses on embracing the Dharana Way of Life for leading a better, healthier life.

What Hilton Shillim had to offer was a scientifically measurable wellness program in a setting that was truly breath-taking. The only problem was reaching out to the right audience.

Pigtail Pundits designed the optimised-to-convert landing pages and ran targeted social media campaigns.

The Christmas packages sold out faster than ever before and the rooms were sold out. The social media campaign got 17 guests in just 5 days directly via the forms for a spend of just Rs 10,000. Telephone assisted enquiries were extra.

The Elixir of Shillim campaign fetched 11 guests, each willing to spend Rs 75,000+ for a 3-day stay, in 1 month. The ad spends was Rs 10,000.

The results for Hilton Shillim

With landing pages designed to sell and perfectly optimised Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns, Hilton Shillim has been selling out their wellness packages faster than ever before, getting maximum ROI for their social media marketing.

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