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Engineering Services Company Gets Polished Persuasion For Leads

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The Background

ANI Integrated Services offers technical engineering services to discerning companies that manage large projects in India. 

ANI specialises in technical manpower and project management of complex engineering projects. 

It operates and services complex engineering equipment, handles plant shutdowns and maintenance, and ensures that flyers in india have a happy experience during security checks that use X-ray scanning machines.

ANI's earlier website did to do any justice to its publicly listed company image. It was more "Tell" than "Sell". 

It needed a complete revamp.

The Solution

Pigtail Pundits started with research of the 9 different services to understand the pains and problems in the segment.

  1. We conducted secondary research on the web. We studied multiple local and international competitors who are best-in-class in this segment. We collated the problems and pains of engineering companies managing large projects from a variety of sources.
  2. We poured through research studies available on the web for this segment and distilled the issues
  3. We interviewed the top executives at ANI, on several occasions, to run over the insights and determine the ones appropriate for the Indian context.

The resulting insights were then woven into storytelling copywriting that sells the service on the website. 

The Results

ANI Integrated Services has one of the best websites in its category. 

The website uses modern persuasion methods which are alien to the engineering industry websites.

The leads and enquiries have started flowing in for ANI Integrated Services.

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