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Adwords Campaign sets the benchmark
in the Indian moving industry.

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Adwords Campaign sets the benchmark in the Indian moving industry.

Take a look at the leads in the moving business in India and how Pigtail Pundits transformed it.

Design the best converting Landing Pages in the moving business.

Write the most compelling ads to drive leads.

Check the text ads for Writer Relocations.

Capture 1200 leads @ the lowest cost.

  1. The objective for Writer Relocations was to obtain leads from customers in India traveling outside. However, the majority of leads from PPC were still from customers moving within India [60: 40 ratio]. This was not something we could control despite the clear messaging in the Ads and Landing Pages. Since Writer Relocations also did domestic moves, this did not pose a big problem.
  2. The costs for International Leads + Domestic India Leads were brought down by as much as 75% in one year. It was Rs 3,500 [$55] per lead when we took over the account in February 2017. As of March 2018, it stood at Rs 750 [$12] per lead.
  3. The average CTR @5% for the text ads was way above the industry average of 2.0 CTR. Conversions ranged from 5% to 25%.
  1. The total leads via PPC stood at 1500 for the year.
  2. The leads to booking ratio stood at 25% for international leads and15% for domestic leads.
  3. The lead costs were amongst the lowest in this industry because of good quality scores, the variety in the ads, and the number of LPs vs the competition
  4.  The Virtual Phone number and tracking, an initiative by Pigtail Pundits, virtually doubled the conversions.

Better Sell, Leads To Better Results

The Writer Relocations Landing Pages have better sell and customer problem focus than any of the competitors.

  1. The persuasion and its efficacy are not an accident but the result of continuous testing and tweaking of the landing pages.
  2. Take a look at the 4 competitors are outlined below.

Head to head comparison of Landing Pages


Head to head Comparison of Keywords to Ads Ratio

The Writer Relocations keywords to ads ratio is max 6:1 and least at 1:1. It’s more like maximum 150:1, and minimum 15:1 for Agarwal and AGS Movers.

Take a look at the competitor data. When you direct more keywords to the same text ad, the overall Quality Score will drop. Costs per lead will increase.

Writer Relocations Ad History snapshot from SEMRush as on 31 March, 2018


Writer Relocations Ad History snapshot from SEMRush as on 31 March, 2018


Check out what AGS Movers does with their PPC.


Status quo is slow and certain death.

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