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Website Build + Content Marketing Campaign gets ROI for Moving Company.

This is the story of a pedigreed moving company that dramatically reversed its digital fortunes in just 13 months.

The results: A website that sells, content marketing that was strategic, and SEO that works, produced 2000+ leads in year one. PPC is another story.

2000 leads in 13 months @ 150 leads per month.

The Background

For a 63-year old, premium moving company, the old website of Writer Relocations was a tepid 15-page affair.

Relocations jostled for attention with other Writer Businesses such as information management, realty, and cash management. Tucked away on the corporate website, the web pages had no sell and brought in few leads.

Competition in India, on the other hand, had 2000-page moving-focussed, SEO-propelled websites. They were digitally active and invested more in SEO and PPC. The result was Writer’s traditional base of premium moving customers was fast eroding. Newer, digitally savvy businesses were taking an unstoppable lead in the moving business.

Writer was strong in B2B sales. In retail, however, its traditional business was in danger. Writer Relocations needed a plan for renewing its fortunes. It needed it quickly to stop hemorrhaging.

What Pigtail Pundits did for Writer Relocations and how.

We started with research, studied the best practices of international and Indian websites. Using the insights, we crafted the classiest website in the moving business and primed it for results.

We then enriched the website with ongoing content for ranking on search. We also managed the PPC.

The result was that the leads grew phenomenally in just 13 months.

A 115-page website ecosystem starts the digital initiative.

We created 8 moving services using a proven persuasion framework on the new website. We had to empathize with the customer who moves first.

Then show how Writer Relocations solves the customer pain in precise steps. Plus, explain why the customers should choose Writer Relocations.

To reinforce credibility, add social proof. Intertwine each of the 8 services with the appropriate Case Studies and FAQs to establish authority.

Create a Moving Tips section with Visual Planner to help customers move more easily.

We embellished all pages with multiple calls to action that led to the Request a Quote page.

The revamped Writer Relocations website was launched in February 2017.

3rd party Reports for Writer Relocations

AHREFs Rank 11,927,778. A rise of 10 million places.
URL Rating 29. Up from zero.
Domain Rating 15. Up from zero.
Backlinks 1140. Up from zero.
Referringdomains 65. Live 60 Historical 68.
Organic keywords 511. Up from zero.

The Majestic Report for the Writer Relocations shows

Trust Flow: 25
Citation Flow: 34

“The quality of the enquiries from the Writer Relocations’ website is superb.

The conversions from the website are better than PPC."

2000 leads in 13 months @ 150 leads per month.


 entries in the Get A Quote Forms


 entries in the Contact, Downloads, Newsletter, and Career Forms.


 inquiries via calls to the Quote Desk, during the period October 2017 to March 2018. Extrapolating this for the previous 6 months conservatively, we shall get another 500 untracked calls.

The results for Writer Relocations

Spot number 34 on Feedspot’s list of top 100 blogs and websites for moving professionals and movers shows Writer Relocations.

That was a bonus for our efforts.

Feedspot ranks blogs on the following criteria

Google reputation and Google search ranking Influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter and Alexa rankings.

Quality of posts Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

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