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Writer Information: One of India’s largest information
management companies elevates its position.

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The Background

Writer Information Management Systems is a multi-division company that offers a slew of business services: Business Process , Secured Physical Storage, Cloud and Data Center, and Enterprise Content Management.

It’s clients are varied. It includes top banks in India, telecom companies, government and public sector undertakings, and healthcare.

The services offered by Writer Information reduce resources, help productivity, and improve customer experiences for its clients.

It’s earlier website was part of the Writer Corporation group website and had but a few pages. We needed to take those pages and craft a full-blown website that was more in tune with other service providers in this market.

The objectives

The goal was to create a world-class website that showcases the varied capabilities of Writer Information and sells it effectively.

Obviously, by today’s standard it had to be responsive.

The Challenge

23 services had to be mapped to 5 industry verticals.

The pains and gains for each industry had to be researched and then translated into copy.

This copy was then visualised appropriately in the design.

Case Studies for different types of services had to be mapped, written, and verified.

The entire process had to be vetted by multiple department heads for accuracy.

Writer Information Re-architected.

Over 100 pages of copy covering Vertical, Services, Solutions, and About the Company were written and visualised.

The copy was visualised with contextual images. CTAs were placed strategically to get conversions.

The copy follows the PASTOR rule by Ray Edwards, a classic in direct response copywriting.

The Technology

There were no major technology challenges.

The site uses ProcessWire CMS, a scalable, modern, blazingly fast system which has all the goodness of a modern CMS without any of the traditional bloat associated with WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal that we have worked with previously.

It is themed on top of Twitter Bootstrap.

A slew of premium ProcessWire plugins such as Form Builder, Profields, ProCache, and Markup SEO were used as part of the build.

The Results

Writer Information now has a website that does justice to its stature as one of India’s largest information management companies.

It compares well with other websites in the BPO category. Its sell is better than most.

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