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The Background

Writer Relocations is a 63-year old brand in India. As premium Packers and Movers in India, they have built a solid reputation as one of India’s oldest and finest moving companies.

Writer Relocations caters to both retail and business-to-business customers through a variety of moving services such as Home Moving both India and International, VIP Moving, Pre and Post-move Orientation Services, Office Relocations, Commercial Moving, Art Relocations, and Hospitality Logistics.

The original Writer Relocations website was a small subset of its parent Writer Corporation website.

The Objectives

The remit for Pigtail Pundits was to create a standalone, world-class, responsive, result-yielding website for Writer Relocations.

This was to be followed by Content Marketing involving search, social and blogs for organic ranking. Backed by Google PPC and Social Ads for Lead Generation.

The Challenge

We had to rethink and re-architect the entire website. We looked at the some of the premier moving company websites, made notes on the best practices and brought all this together in the new website for Writer Relocations.

The copy was inspired by Direct Marketing Response and written with pains, gains, benefits to customers, and calls to action. The site needed to be more visual and modern.

Re-imagining the Writer Relocations website.

110 pages of copy comprising Moving Services, Storage, Case Studies, and Moving Tips were rewritten ground up and re-visualized.

The old site had just 20 pages pages of information. Our research on international moving websites showed us that customer-friendly content was an important part of the organic ranking of these websites. We had to build this from scratch.

The Services Page Persuasion structure with social proof - Testimonials, Case Studies and Reasons for Choosing Writer Relocations were then re-imagined - copy crafted and visually engineered.

The site is also fitted with a convenient online payment facility to help customers pay for services immediately.

The Technology

The real challenge in the Writer Relocations website was in the research and tone of its communications.

There were no major technology challenges. 

The site uses ProcessWire CMS, a scalable, modern, blazingly fast system which has all the goodness of a modern CMS without any of the traditional bloat associated with WordPress.

It is themed on top of Twitter Bootstrap. 

A slew of premium ProcessWire plugins such as Form Builder, Profields, Autolinks, ProCache and Markup SEO were used as part of the build.

The Results

How does 2 leads a day sound from the day we went live? That’s without any promotions, and organically obtained.

The Content Marketing for Writer Relocations with regular blogs, newsletter, and eBook downloads has just started and this should see the leads pick up both in number and quality.

Add to it leads via PPC and Social Ads and you have the complete picture on the results for the most premium moving company from India.

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