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Zingformation’s NLP Training Programs gets fillip to sell online

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The Background

Zingformation is a new company that was setup to professionalize the NLP Training offered by Umesh Soman and his team.

The team had already conducted 50,000 workshops with 300,000 customers over 15 years under various avatars. The vision was to transform 1 million lives by 2030. 

This meant the company had to scale its business and drive sales online. Pigtail Pundits was roped in to help with online marketing.


The Challenge

NLP training is conducted by a lot of professionals and companies.

The challenge for Zingformation was to be unique and be the most professional brand in this space.

The Solution

Create a website that’s way over what others in this field have done or even thought about. 

Promote it widely using techniques in social selling and insights [the proven, secret sauce that we know to get leads pouring in].

Built on WordPress CMS with funnels, blog content, Lead Magnets and email content.

The Results in 5 Days

  1. Website up, we counted 150 eBook downloads in 5 days
  2. One lead, and 2 enquiries
  3. We haven’t counted the assisted phone call enquiries yet.

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