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Are you living with a website that’s high on eye candy, and low on sell.

More often than not customers come to your restaurant’s website to order food, book a table, to know your location, or to get your phone number.

However, even today most of the restaurant websites go overboard with design and under rate the importance of copy.

Which explains why websites have lots of animations and latest tech fads that distract the customer, but are woefully lacking in content. Content is what sells.

What’s worse, heavy imagery slows down the site’s speed and makes the user experience clunky.

The result: Fewer visitors, fewer leads, fewer orders.

Phew! What a waste of money.

Get a website that’s high on sell, loads fast, and helps you customer buy.

Get a website that makes it easy for your customers locate your menus, place orders, book tables, find the address, understand the working hours, shoot an email, or call as needed.

It should have great images and persuasive copy to match, but without compromising page load times. No customer is gonna wait for your site to load with sliders, fancy schmancy scripts, horizontal sliders, etc.

Last but not the least, your restaurant website should be built on a CMS. The CMS  needs to be blazing fast.

It must help you put up specials, alter the pricing, and change the content or images, at will and with ease.

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