The website for CSDC Systems is a classic example in B2B selling and persuasion. Aimed at governments and regulatory institutions across the world, CSDC Systems drives prospects to learn about the solutions and download more information.

4 truths you should know about your website.

Your nirvana online is results. Everything else is just maya.

Your results flow from directed thought energy.

Your website is not about you, but your customers.

Results are not your right. You have to earn it.

How does your website measure against these truths?

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Your results flow from directed thought-energy.

Think of your results as a beautiful dance of different web disciplines and skill sets, coming elegantly together, to get you more leads and conversions from your website.

Imagine deep research of your competition, intuitive information architecture, persuasive copy and divine design.

Bring all this together beautifully in the right Content Management System. Add thoughtful promotions to the mix.

Top it off with an analysis of your website traffic. Measure conversions on your website.

The National Geographic Traveller India is the online avatar of the glossy travel magazine, plus web exclusives. It's a great example of a busy, ever changing online magazine that's built on a robust content management system.
International school websites are always a challenge. Each one that we have done is different. Different strengths, different reasons why parents opt for them, and different cultures. Featured above are the NES International School and the Ecole Mondiale World School websites.

How do you promote Lasik Surgery without gruesome visuals of eye operations? How do you make Lasik aesthetic, emotional and something that's right for you? Check out the Lasik India website for the answers.
The Ecole Mondiale World School at Juhu, is amongst the top IB schools in Mumbai. Discover what makes it so and how its uniqueness shines through in its website.

Customers flock to you because they value your offerings.

To get customers flocking, you have to reach out to them.

To reach out to customers, you need to promote your website.

Once your customers visit your website, you'd need intelligent mechanisms and processes, to convert them.

Have you settled for just eye candy over results?

Would you like to improve your website results?

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