Single owner, scalable e-commerce solution for DJ Pundits which sells DJ Gear.

Next generation single owner stores and marketplaces built to sell.

Are you looking to start your own multi-vendor marketplace? Your own auction site, deal site, or simply create another

Are you looking for some advice on how to move to the next level from frustrating Open Source shopping carts?

Or perhaps you’re a start-up wishing to put up an online store?

Well, we have the right advice for you.

Start your own Amazon, Etsy, Ebay marketplace, now!

Introducing the next-generation, multi-vendor ecommerce system. Think of a marketplace storefront, built to scale. Dripping with marketing and web 2.0 features. Available off-the-shelf, or custom, as you please.


What you, the Merchant gets

A multi-vendor, multi-category merchandising platform.
Create/manage shops, shop settings.
Add/manage products in multi-level categories.
Manage online auctions with live updates.
Manage group deals.
Get graphical display of transactions.
View Popular & Hot products.
Resize Images, zoom dynamically.
Integrate Facebook comments.
Manage notifications.

What your Customers get

Exclusive customer signup and login.
Autocomplete search.
Newsletter Subscribe.
Select Language, Currency.
Browse seamlessly.
Add to Cart/ Wishlist.
Compare Products.
My Account, Order History, Shipping & Billing Details.
Transact safely.
Search using advanced filters.

European Heritage is a tiling and flooring company based in the UK. Our objective was to show its products in full glory, enable customers to calculate the number of tiles in sq mtrs, order samples and buy with credit cards.
DJ Pundits and Eagle Scales are two different types of ecommerce websites. Both compete in crowded categories. One requires scale, the other has to convey value.


What your Vendors get

Multiple merchant login.
Upload products to multilevel categories.
Set prices and delivery dates.

Support for you

100% source code, un-encrypted.
Free installation and support for 3 months
Mobile app supported.

6 benefits. One multi-vendor platform.

Setup it fast.
Pay once.
Run it for years.
Transact securely and happily. Install and integrate with a payment gateway of your choice.
Market it. Boost sales with discounts, hot products, hot invoices, newsletters...
Mobile app it. 
Maintain and support it. Installation + 3 months support free. 

The European Heritage store is responsive in design and built on a scalable, ecommerce platform.
Eagle Scales sells weighing scales online. Our objective was to show weighing scales in an interesting manner to enable sales. See how we did it at

You are sick of the problems with free software.

Regular software upgrades that are difficult to keep up with. 
Lack of compatibility of older versions with newer versions and plugins. 
Frequent vulnerabilities that you have to deal with because you haven’t upgraded.
Inability to easily customise the system. 
High cost of customising these systems. 
High cost of maintenance. 
Poor scalability with growing inventories.

You’re now ready to invest in a scalable, robust, next-generation, customisable system.

At Pigtail Pundits, you can opt for off-the-shelf, next generation shopping carts that can be customised at will.

You are a start-up looking to sell online.

If it's your first online store, then we'd recommend starting off with a low investment. The best solutions for you are the hosted platforms.
Pros: Low investment entry. Spare your money for marketing rather than waste it just on the build. Get traction and then graduate to a custom shop.
Cons: Cannot customise your store much. But that's a problem you can get to rather than start off with.

Where to look for hosted stores?

Search for "top hosted shopping platforms" on Google and do some research. Another alternative is to try the major shopping portals which allow you to open a store. In India, you can look at Ebay, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, ShopClues, etc. All allow multiple vendors to sell their merchandise.
Pros: You get to sell at a place where lots of people flock. Get traction and visibility for your merchandise. Start selling online.
Cons: You need to part with a hefty commission. Build this into your price.

Here's wishing you Happy Selling.

Just some of the more recent clients at Pigtail Pundits. We have worked on more than 650 projects, Indian and International, in our 18 years online.

Trust 18 years of online savvy to work for your brand.

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