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Digital marketing has grown more in the last 2 years than it has in the previous 20.

Your traditional business is in danger of being overtaken by more nimble digital businesses.

This dizzying pace of tech evolution has left your marketing team more confused than ever before.

You probably use techniques and practices that no longer work. Or which yield less with each passing day.

You're frustrated. The team too.

Ready For Digital Leads?

5 digital marketing training programmes
that promise the blooms and bucks.

Opt for Conversion Rate Optimisation Training that will significantly boost your leads by 5X.

Choose Pay-per-click Training that will optimise leads from your Social Ads and Adwords. Get superior results.

Gain from current best practices in Search Engine Optimisation. Lower your lead costs, dramatically.

Get Content Marketing Training that delivers brand visibility and authority through search, prized content, and social signals.

Discover how you can build premium websites that are primed for red-hot conversions. Combine marketing automation and analytics for solid results.

Ready For Digital Leads?

How does the digital marketing training work for you?


Assess where your team is with respect to the best practices in digital marketing. Bring them up to speed with current best practices and its implementation.


Deliver a structured course to your team, complete with process templates, and how to do things step-by-step.


Host the training materials online. Refresh the team's learning from time to time. Learn without wasting your investment.


Hand-hold your team for 3 months. Enables your team to ask questions and get answers quickly.


Your team continues to access our knowledge base. They enhance their learnings for as long as you want for a small fee.

This is in-depth, current, actionable material that gets you results. Not theory. No, not available elsewhere, even for the love of money.

In short, we will do everything to ensure that you get results from your marketing investment. Guaranteed.

Ready For Digital Leads?

We market our harvest, first.

Pigtail Pundits has built properties and processes, for ourselves and for our clients. We are a crucible for marketing experiments.

We teach our clients, our staff, and our associates. We have chiselled our online marketing strategies to make it work better. We’re still around, aren’t we?

We are happy to share our deep learnings and wisdom with your your in-house team. We will train your in-house team to bring substantial results.

Ready For Digital Leads?

May your garden teem and throng with customers.

Corral the experience that solves ambitious online marketing challenges.

Get a team that packs the strategic, creative, tech and marketing wisdom in-house.

Get completely dedicated-to-your-interest strategies that maximizes your investments.

May wisdom rain in your orchard.

Pigtail Pundits has observed, gleaned, and converted customer insights into well-honed processes that work for businesses.

We teach digital marketing to entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals.

We train our staff and clients in the best practices of online marketing like few do.

We re-invent, practice, and experiment with digital marketing, all the time.

Come, soak your brand in wisdom that works.

Ready For Digital Leads?

Sweet chirrups.

Ready For Digital Leads?

Get a taste of Case Studies that bespeak the results achieved for businesses just like yours.

Savour our blogs on digital marketing. Inform yourself of the flavours of success.

Meet the team that guarantees results in your digital marketing.