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Are your digital marketing efforts bringing you less each day?

The dizzying pace of digital growth has left you more confused than ever before. 

The techniques you're using are probably outdated and no longer work.  

Your business is in the danger of being overtaken by digitally savvier businesses.

Bring your team to speed on the best Digital Marketing practices. Fast.

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5 digital marketing training programmes
that promise the blooms and bucks.

Opt for Conversion Rate Optimisation Training that will significantly boost your leads by 5X.

Choose Pay-per-click Training that will optimise leads from your Social Ads and Adwords. Get superior results.

Gain from current best practices in Search Engine Optimisation. Lower your lead costs, dramatically.

Get Content Marketing Training that delivers brand visibility and authority through search, prized content, and social signals.

Discover how you can build premium websites that are primed for red-hot conversions. Combine marketing automation and analytics for solid results.

Ready For Digital Leads?

How does Training Your Team Work?


Assess where your team needs help with respect to digital marketing


Deliver a structured course complete with process templates


Guide your team with step-by-step instructions.


Host training materials online. Learn without wasting your investment and refresh your team's learning from time to time.


Enable your team to ask questions and get responses quickly. Hand-hold your team for 3 months


Access our knowledge base as long as you require.

In short, we will do everything to ensure that you get results
from your marketing investment. Guaranteed.

Ready For Digital Leads?

Digital Marketing Training Services Pricing

Digital Marketing Training Services

Digital Marketing Training Pricing

  1. The Art of Web Strategy
    Create a web strategy that drives your brand forward. Ideal for those wishing to revamp their websites, or shift the strategic focus of online marketing to an ROI driven method. The process involves looking at what 4 major competitors do, understanding their best practices, and then crafting a superior strategy.
  2. Creating Perfect Websites with Funnels
    Explore the elements of a sales funnel on a website. Understand how it ties together to produce awesome results for your brand.
  3. Content Marketing that mirrors the Customer Journey
    Covers how to combine Search, Social, Blog and other content to build trust, authority and leads. Tells you how and why content marketing is a great strategy for your brand and how to think about it.
  4. Lead Generation Strategies
    Explores FB Ads, Cold Email Prospecting, and Google PPC for B2B clients.  Shows you how to stream into leads at scale using full funnel marketing.

Pricing for digital marketing training is customised for your brand.

It's great value for money as it's training delivered by practitioners without academic fluff.

What's more, it deals with current best practices, not stale stuff that doesn't work anymore.

It starts with a discovery call over Zoom with your team to assess what you are doing and where you are right now with respect to any of the modules we offer.

We get back to you with a proposal on how you can improve your processes and results using best practices in the industry on that topic.


The average workshop is of 2 hours duration, held over Zoom at a time convenient for you. You could end up with 2-3 sessions for a topic.

This is also accompanied by 2 follow up Zoom calls, 15/30 days after the program to assess progress and address any issues.


The 8-hours custom package can be on any of the topics outlined here. Costs per program start at Rs 59,999.

Talk to us about your in-house training needs in digital marketing. Let's show you the magic we can bring to your business.

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