Your objective is to get your online marketing team firing for results quickly. Our Workshops for Web Results help you do just that.

Introducing Customized Workshops for Web Results.

We are always happy to help companies and professionals navigate and make sense of this confusing maze called digital marketing.

Your objective is to advance your team’s learnings and knowledge of digital marketing and get them to be effective quickly. The Pigtail Pundits Workshops for Web Results are ideal for entrepreneurs, small teams, and in-house teams of companies.

Our workshops are technology agnostic and agency-independent with a strong focus on results. At the end of it, you will be armed with the tools and tactics to measure your spends, get more out of your online campaigns and succeed online.

You’re free to use professionals, and the technology that you are comfortable with, for any implementation and execution that flow from your learnings.


Why would you need a Workshop on Web Results?

The strategies for websites and online marketing are rapidly shifting. What used to work yesterday doesn’t yield results today. The only way out of this problem is to keep learning continuously and keep experimenting with new ideas on an ongoing basis. 

Companies and individuals aren’t fully geared to changing accepted, or known practices often. The upshot is that companies and individuals get stuck in& practices that are sub-optimal and frozen in time that’s well past its due date.

Workshops for Web Results are opportunities where we share our wisdom and our understanding of current best practices online, to give you standout results.

How do you quickly impart best practices in online marketing to a whole team. Our Workshops for Web Results are designed to do just that.
The Website Strategy and Content Marketing workshops are designed to bring your full team up to speed with the best practices online. The objective is impactful results for your brand.


Website Strategy Workshops are designed to get you better results.

It helps individuals and businesses assess what they are doing currently with respect to their website and what they ought to be doing for results.

The workshop takes you through a rigorous process of competition analysis, website models, information architecture, customer research, value proposition building, content gathering, persuasion structuring and measurement through analytics, leading to result-yielding websites, customer pipelines, systems for nurturing leads and converting them.

The deliverables are clear action steps for the future, along with a set of well defined parameters that will yield results for you.

Content Marketing Workshops help in-house teams to think like publishers-on-steroids.

It helps you accelerate and amplify your content research, curation, embedding, social seeding and inbound traffic mining concepts.

It helps you accelerate and amplify your content research, curation, embedding, social seeding and inbound traffic mining concepts.

The objective is to use current best practices and techniques to quantum jump learning and results for you, and your brand.

The deliverables are clear action steps for the future along with a set of well defined measurement parameters that will yield results for you.

Just some of the more recent clients at Pigtail Pundits. We have worked on more than 650 projects, Indian and International, in our 18 years online.

Trust 18 years of online savvy to work for your brand.

If you’re looking for exceptional results from your online marketing and wish to train your team on the best practices quickly, do call Pigtail Pundits.

For 18 years now we have been helping clients around the world market themselves online, elegantly and successfully. Explore our roots and read our stories.

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The delightful part is that we don’t need to learn with your money, but can start working on your results, right off the bat.

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