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5 tips for better web and mobile apps.

Design the system to make the app elegant. 

Use seductive UI/ UX to make the app uncluttered. 

Use customer psychology principles to flow with user expectations. 

Implement the app using a robust technology. 

Build marketing elements into the app to sell.


6 truths about web application builds.

Web apps are the elegant result of multiple disciplines. UI, UX, Customer Psychology and Insights, Design, Messaging, Testing and Technology seamlessly come together in apps.

Often web apps require scale. Makes sense then to use the ideal technology rather than one which you're comfortable with.

Build marketing into web apps.

Get to the market with a minimum viable product and work from the feedback you get. Don't start with an ideal product.

Understand that the testing cycle can get long. Patience would be a good virtue.

Get the stakeholders involved early to avoid grief.

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Modern stores have to responsive and viewable on any device.
Eagle Scales gets a responsive website that showcases weighing scales uniquely with human images. The objective was to bring a cold, boring presentation alive. Check it out at


Understand the facts about mobile apps.

Smartphone owners in the US only use about three apps frequently. 

The average American devotes 50% of their app time to a single app. 18% of total app time to the second app, and 10% to the third. That's 80% of the time on just 3 apps. 

For most people the most-used app is Facebook [126 mn, USA],YouTube [99 mn, USA], Facebook Messenger [96 mn USA].

Understand how customers use mobile apps.

The average number of apps in a smartphone is 25-30, compared to the 4 mn apps out there. Most phones can take in only so many apps due to memory and disk space considerations.

Customers on an average delete 80-90% applications within a month of download. 

80% of the time spent by customers with apps are for communication,social networking and videos.

European Heritage is large online store selling tiles in the UK. 100s of products, order sampling, freight calculation across UK postal zones, pallet-based shipping, calculator in the shop to facilitate sq mt calculation for tiles, and more. Check it out at:
LegalJini sells contracts, about 700 of them affordably to lawyers and businesses. Digital downloads are available by subscription for companies, or one-off for the retail buyer. Check out

Does your business really need a mobile app?

Most businesses just need a website that's responsive. 

With internet speeds improving - 3G, 4G and more, and resolutions on mobile phones increasing by the day, the problem of downloading a responsive site is less of a problem than it used to be.

Consumer behaviour with mobile apps tell us that folks don't use it as much as marketers think they do.

Establish the real need for mobile apps.

Do your customers need an app as much you think they do? How often will your customers use it?

Can you add push messaging, pull messaging and gamification features to the app to sustain customer interest? Do you need to market the app to gain traction?

What is cost of creating, licensing, and marketing your app? Do the benefits exceed the cost? How?

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