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The Background

CSDC Systems is a Toronto-based company selling cloud-based, process improvement technology to local governments, regulatory institutions, courts, universities, and granting agencies, all over the world. 

CSDC Systems had a website built on Drupal 7.x. It was a dated design, difficult to update internally by their staff, and had serious maintenance issues.

CSDC decided it was time for a revamp and tasked it to Pigtail Pundits in April 2015.

The Objectives

CSDC Systems wished to create a modern, world-class website that sells its solutions. It wanted us to highlight the advantages of the solutions. The site had to be responsive.

Plus, the system had to be intuitive enough for their non-technical staff to update. 

The Challenge

We had to re-architect the entire website to make it usable by B2B clients. The copy had to be re-envisioned with pains, gains, benefits to customers.The entire site needed to be more visual.


What does CSDC Systems do?

CSDC Systems makes process automation software that helps governments.

It helps local, state and federal governments manage licensing, permits and compliance processes. Its applications speed up Court & Jury Management. Its Freedom of Information Management Software helps with expeditious answers to citizen requests. It simplifies grant management and makes higher education management easier.

CSDC manages all these solutions through an extensible/ flexible platform which can be configured by clients without coding.

Plus, it supports these solutions through a Service Ecosystem comprising Consulting, Advisory, Installation, Partners, Post-launch support, etc.


Re-imagining the CSDC website.

120 pages of copy comprising Solutions, Services, Platform, Case Studies and White papers were rewritten and visualized. 

The old site had 350 pages of information with the bulk of it being blogs/ news. We ported this and reformatted it to make it visually appealing.

The persuasion structure with social proof - Testimonials, Case Studies and Reasons for Choosing CSDC, was then re-imagined and then reconstructed.


The Technology

The real challenge in the CSDC Systems website was in the research and communications. 

There were no major technology challenges. The site uses ProcessWire CMS, a scalable, modern, blazingly fast CMS which has all the goodness of Drupal without any of the bloat.

It is themed with Foundation 5 CSS framework. A slew of premium ProcessWire plugins such as Forms, Profields, Autolinks, ProCache and Markup SEO boost the site's search engine rankings.

The Results

The tutorial for the client over Skype lasted exactly for just one hour. The happy part is that they are up and way confidently.

The client's response:

I was surprised that the site administration could be so intuitive and manageable by anyone with little technical knowledge.

Coming from an old Drupal website, we shall take that as a true compliment to ProcessWire's capabilities.

The site is blazing fast. Measures on GTMetrix show:

A: 93% on Google Page Speed

A: 91% on YSlow

A nifty 2.1 seconds load time with ProCache on.

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