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The Background

Vibha is an NGO based in the USA with field operations in India. It has over 1000 committed volunteers in the USA, largely NRIs, raising funds for underprivileged children back home.

Vibha's old website had grown organically over time. It was difficult to navigate, had redundant, old information. The copy looked dumped rather than formatted and thoughtfully designed,

The Challenge.

Vibha needed a site revamp that clearly articulated the problems they were trying to solve, the solutions that they propose, and the impact the solutions had on their beneficiaries. 

The website had to ignite volunteer enrollments and trigger donations.

The site also needed to be visual, as opposed to having large swathes of unrelieved copy that the old website suffered from.


The Solution

The old website was focussed inward and we had to cull information from Skype discussions with the client, Power Point presentations and the existing information on the website to weave the new persuasion.

The website had to re-architected, revisualized and re-written to address key audiences and what Vibha offered each explicitly.

The entire persuasion was made more visual. Social proof from multiple sources were collated and used as part of the copy. Testimonials, Statistical Facts, Case Studies, Videos, etc, were intelligently reorganized into a compelling persuasion.

The Technology

The team at Vibha which managed the website was already trained on Joomla.

Getting into new technology could mean re-training the team on the new technology. Hence we built the site on Joomla 3.x.

Theming was in Foundation 5.

The Results

Vibha gets a new, responsive website built using the latest technology. 

The new website reflects the dynamic nature of the organization - news and events rich. The various audiences that Vibha addresses are up front and the communication to them is unambiguous and clear.

The calls for donations and volunteers have been engineered for action. The new website also reinforces the Vibha spirit and ideology.

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