Partner with a company that's local, yet global.

Pigtail Pundits is a global interactive communications company. We operate from a single office in Mumbai. We efficiently serve clients in Las Vegas, Tampa Bay, Phoenix, Austin, San Francisco, London, Stockholm, Sydney, Hong Kong, Auckland, Dubai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Trivandrum. We’ve made remote servicing of web projects our speciality.

Get 100+ man years of experience to work with you.

In 18 years online, we have accumulated 100+ man-years in technology, design and marketing. Our multi-disciplinary team has experience in account management, marketing communications, direct marketing, graphic and visual arts, copy, idea value-adds and film production.

Benefit from 50+ man years in communications.

Our team has worked with some of India's most reputed FMCG, durable and service brands, in professional advertising. Combine that with 18 years online serving customers globally and in India. In short, this means that our integrated communications approach ensures that your online marketing strategy translates into results.

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