Combine SEO, Blogs and Social for best results pm

Content Marketing Services Pricing

Ideal mix of blog, social proof, social media posts, growth hacking, and SEO to bring results for your brand.

  1. Write 4 Blogs per month fitted to stages in the customer journey
    1200 words each, formatted, proofed, keyword optimised and ported to the CMS with up to 3 royalty-free, paid images per blog.
  2. Create 2 Case Studies written to storytelling framework
  3. Create 30 pieces of content for social media
     5 brand. 15 from blogs of value. 10 other people's curated.
  4. Seed content in social media @5 posts per day per network Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest
  5. Use growth hack follows of competitors followers, keywords, and hashtags. Will get approximately 300+ follows per medium average for you per month, depending upon the category
  6. Repurpose articles for use in external media of authority
    [Create 16 pieces in 4 different formats]
  7. Write guest posts on authority sites [2 per month]
  8. Monthly reporting on keyword positions

At Pigtail Pundits, we have been practicing Content Marketing, before it came to be known as Content Marketing.

We have an experienced content team that's well-versed in writing to different stages of the Customer Journey.

What's more, we have used Content Marketing successfully to get leads for clients in very mature industries.

We are happy to do it for your brand too.

Content Marketing Services using an optimal mix of Social, Search and Context Creation services start at Rs 99,000 per month with reporting 

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