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Struggling to be visible?

Seek solace in search engine optimisation.

SEO is no more a walk in the orchard.

Keyword blasts using software is taboo today.

Awesome, quality content is the rule, not the exception.

SEO agencies struggle with high quality content publishing.

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Sow some abundance.

Pigtail Pundits' specialises in content that works for clients in India and abroad. 

For years now, we have been producing content of remarkable quality with surprising ease.

We are sensitive to creating content that covers all the stages of the buyer journey.


Our technical and content services are designed with the best practices for ranking on major search engines.

No bots. No spam. No toxic chemicals. Just quality content that drives you traffic and results.

Get organic leads that beats pay-per-click on costs.

Ready For Digital Leads?

Bloom it local. Rake it global.

Need your local store to dominate your market? Or your global brand to rank?

Get a multi-disciplinary marketing team to work on your search engine optimisation.

Allow marketing strategists, content magicians, SEO gurus, and graphic wizards to work in sync with your team to rank.

5 steps to reaping SEO Abundance.


We work with your team. Or independently. We define and develop strategies that are realistic and guide you on it.


Get keyword research that’s rooted in reality. Dismiss wild promises and fads.


We unravel every single technical problem that prevents you from ranking. We use tools, insights, and experience to make it work. We audit your website structure. We recommend how to modify it effectively to take advantage of search engine algorithms.


Build & Market
Link building today combines content marketing, social media signals, Online PR, and Influencer outreach. The basis for links is fresh, compelling, unique content. This includes PDFs, eBooks, Videos, Slides, Social Media Content and Infographics.


Get reports on visibility, analytics, conversions, revenue (or value). Measure your ROI on SEO.

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Blush notes. Savour success.

Build websites using direct response advertising techniques that are proven to work.

Promote websites using a strategic mix of search, social and content that drives you leads.

Use the best practices in conversion rate optimization to substantially lower your lead costs.

Leverage pay-per-click advertising to scale your business with red-hot leads.

Use social media optimisation to drive leads to your business.

Train your in-house team for results and digital marketing ROI.

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May your garden teem and throng with customers.

Corral the experience that solves ambitious online marketing challenges.

Get a team that packs the strategic, creative, tech and marketing wisdom in-house.

Get completely dedicated-to-your-interest strategies that maximizes your investments.

May wisdom rain in your orchard.

Pigtail Pundits has observed, gleaned, and converted customer insights into well-honed processes that work for businesses.

We teach digital marketing to entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals.

We train our staff and clients in the best practices of online marketing like few do.

We re-invent, practice, and experiment with digital marketing, all the time.

Come, soak your brand in wisdom that works.

Ready For Digital Leads?

Sweet chirrups.

Ready For Digital Leads?

Get a taste of Case Studies that bespeak the results achieved for businesses just like yours.

Savour our blogs on digital marketing. Inform yourself of the flavours of success.

Meet the team that guarantees results in your digital marketing.