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Optimize your Pay-Per-Click.

Once upon a time, customers used to flock to your service.

Your services haven't changed since. But the customers don't show up anymore.

Maybe your product or service is not compelling enough. Perhaps, your competitors invest in digital marketing channels and have gained an advantage.

Maybe it's a bit of both. You want to shore up your business.

We've got your back.

Ready For Digital Leads?

Beat slacking sales in one quick swoop.

Bring in ripe, profitable leads through search. Short circuit slower sales processes.

Bless your target-harried sales folks with red hot leads.

Help your sales folks close more business quickly.

Ready For Digital Leads?

Invest in pay-per-click. It pays you back.

But doing it right means knowing the nuances of Google Ads and Social Media Advertising. Results require deep thinking or you waste a ton of money just getting wiser.

Google Ads, FB & Bing PPC, or for that matter any social advertising is complex given the number of variables that you need to juggle with.

Remarketing requires technical expertise, a nose for analytics, and an understanding of funnels mapped into buying processes.

Get the bees and bucks back in droves.

That's why PPC and Social Advertising can go wrong in many ways. But there are only a few ways to get it right and blossom all the way to the bank.

The wisdom lies in recognizing where the pitfalls are and how to avoid it.

That's when expertise rains in your orchard.

Ready For Digital Leads?

Partner with a digital agency that sheds light.


You need professionals who are research-oriented, data-driven, experiment-prone to work on your PPC.


You need folks who can set up systems and execute processes like wow.


You need creative pundits who can make ads and landing pages with zing, zip, and sell.


You need professionals who come with an open mind, question assumptions, and validate it. Those who are happy to be proved wrong.

Shine with the shepherds who speak digital.

Don't get lazy with your marketing efforts. This will only burn your money.

  • Get folks who respect data and results.
  • We'll keep tweaking your ads to keep beating your own best. This is the only secret to milking PPC for leads at the lowest cost.
  • Integrated Campaigns work well for PPC. Moreover, PPC requires focus, immersion, imagination, creativity, a flair for numbers, and continuous energy.

In short, you need more than what just an ad agency would offer. Let Pigtail Pundits do the work for you.

Ready to satisfy targets harried sales folks with ripe leads? Ready to close deals quickly?

Ready For Digital Leads?

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Put Digital Wisdom To Work For You

Gain from expertise that money-can’t-buy.
22 years. 700+ projects. Indian and International Clients.

Solve ambitious online marketing challenges.
Work with an honest team that packs the strategic, creative, tech and marketing know-how in-house.

Focus Purely on Results.
Get dedicated-to-your-interest strategies that focus on your ROI. Everything else is maya.

Get Pigtail Pundits to manage your online marketing challenges.

Ready For Digital Leads?

Sweet chirrups.

Ready For Digital Leads?