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Neighbors more nimble?

Use pay-per-click profits to outwit them.

Pay-per-click not paying off?

Been scarred by bad experiences? Thinking twice about putting money into PPC?

Are digital-savvy competitors steadily chewing away your traditional business?

Is your competition making your richer pedigree, better service standards, and improved processes, look a non-starter?

Ready For Digital Leads?

Plagued by declining profits?


Is something wrong with today’s customers?


Why are customers flocking in droves towards upstarts, and wannabe’s, when you’re still around?


Can’t customers recognize quality when they experience it?


Why do customers spurn your rich pedigree?


Why does good service command so little value in today’s markets?

Ready For Digital Leads?

Why does competition get all the bucks?

Your competition has invested in digital marketing channels that you haven't.

Your competitors are found by digital savvy customers in places that you aren't visible.

Perhaps your customers don't find your product, or service compelling.

Your business is in peril. Care to shore it up?

Would you let an upstart drive you
out of your entrenched business?

Ready For Digital Leads?

Beat slacking sales in one quick swoop.

Bring in ripe, profitable leads through search. Short circuit slower sales processes.

Bless your target-harried sales folks with red hot leads.

Help your sales folks close more business quickly.

Ready For Digital Leads?

Invest in pay-per-click. It pays you back.

Understanding the nuances of Google Ads and Social Media Advertising to produce results requires deep thinking.

Google Ads & Bing PPC are complex given the number of variables that you need to juggle with.

Remarketing requires technical expertise and a nose for analytics.

Get the bees and bucks back in droves.

There are any number of ways to get PPC and Social Advertising wrong. 

There are few ways to get it right. And blossom all the way to the bank.

The wisdom lies in recognising where the pitfalls are and how to avoid it.

That's when expertise rains in your orchard.

Ready For Digital Leads?

Partner with a digital agency that sheds light.


You need professionals who are research-oriented, data-driven, experiment-prone to work on your PPC.


You need folks who can setup systems and execute like wow.


You need creative pundits who can make ads and landing pages with zing, zip, and sell.


You need professionals who come with an open mind, question assumptions, and validate it. Who are happy to be proved wrong.

Shine with the shepherds who speak digital.

Get folks who respect the data and results. Who can tweak everything till you beat your own best. This is the secret to milking PPC for leads at the lowest cost.

Most clients are just happy to let PPC optimisation and text ads handled by one agency. The Landing Pages are under the control of another agency.

Some clients get lazy with their marketing and don't bother with dedicated Landing Pages. They direct PPC traffic directly to the website. This torpedoes your efforts.

Integrated campaigns work the best for PPC. Everything else burns money.

PPC requires focus, immersion, imagination, creativity, a flair for numbers, and continuous energy.

This requires more skills than what just an ad optimisation agency has, you’d agree.

Ready For Digital Leads?

Blush notes. Savour success.

Build websites using direct response advertising techniques that are proven to work.

Promote websites using a strategic mix of search, social and content that drives you leads.

Use the best practices in conversion rate optimization to substantially lower your lead costs.

Leverage pay-per-click advertising to scale your business with red-hot leads.

Use social media optimisation to drive leads to your business.

Train your in-house team for results and digital marketing ROI.

Ready For Digital Leads?

May your garden teem and throng with customers.

Corral the experience that solves ambitious online marketing challenges.

Get a team that packs the strategic, creative, tech and marketing wisdom in-house.

Get completely dedicated-to-your-interest strategies that maximizes your investments.

May wisdom rain in your orchard.

Pigtail Pundits has observed, gleaned, and converted customer insights into well-honed processes that work for businesses.

We teach digital marketing to entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals.

We train our staff and clients in the best practices of online marketing like few do.

We re-invent, practice, and experiment with digital marketing, all the time.

Come, soak your brand in wisdom that works.

Ready For Digital Leads?

Sweet chirrups.

Ready For Digital Leads?

Get a taste of Case Studies that bespeak the results achieved for businesses just like yours.

Savour our blogs on digital marketing. Inform yourself of the flavours of success.

Meet the team that guarantees results in your digital marketing.