Ad Spends Minimum Rs 50,000 [$650] pm

Service Charges for PPC & Social Ads

Have investments of Rs 50,000+ [$650+] per month for advertising?  Get targeted traffic to your website and amortise your spends

Our PPC Services for Google, Bing, FB and Instagram, help small and large businesses get the best bang for their buck. 

Convert browsers into visitors using full funnel targetting.

Get guaranteed, qualified leads, not a bunch of junk.

  1. One-time creative services and setup for ads start at Rs 40,000 [$575] per campaign
  2. Landing Page creation per best practices: Rs 45,000 [$599] per page inclusive of conversion-driven copywriting, design, and html/css port to CMS
  3. Email sequences for pre-sell and trust building [6 emails], Rs 21,000 [$280]
  4. 15% commission of your ad spends to manage and optimise your campaign 
  5. Creative fee of Rs 20,000 [$300] minimum to tweak/ refresh the creatives month on month.

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