SEO Audit Service Rs 49,999 [$650] pm

SEO Monthly Retainer Rs 49,999 [$650] pm

Consider an audit of your site's SEO. Understand where you stand vis a vis 3 major competitors in keywords. Ideal for both new and brands that have been around for a while.


SEO Audits cover technical, on-site and external links for both your brand and those of select competitors.

SEO Audit helps you understand the gaps you need to cover in your SEO. Plus, it gives you strategic insights on how your competition goes about its link building. 


Armed with this knowledge, you can chart your superior SEO strategy.

Our basic services for white-hat SEO monthly include the following:

  1. Conduct keyword and context research [200 keywords along with appropriate contexts]
  2. Create content for blogs mapped to keyword, context, and buyer journeys [3 blogs per month]
  3. Repurpose articles for use in external media of authority [16 pieces in 4 different formats]
  4. Write guest posts on authority sites [2 per month]
  5. Monthly reporting on keyword positions

SEO Audit service starts at Rs 49,999 [$650] pm

SEO Monthly Retainer starts at Rs 49,999 [$650] pm

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