Social Media Optimisation Services

Price starts at Rs 49,999 [$660] pm 

  1. Create 30 posts per month per best practices
    5 brand posts. 15 posts from blogs of value. 10 other people's curated.
  2. Schedule/ post content in social media @5 posts per day per network:
    Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest = 25 posts per day, 750 posts per month.
  3. Use growth hacking tools to follow competitors followers, keywords, and hashtags.
    Will get approximately 300+ follows per medium average per month, depending upon the category

Social Media works using 3 pillars today. Posting regular content  in social media + Growth Hacks to boost visibility + Social Ads.

The SMO service covers regular content in social media per best practices. Plus growth hacking for visibility boosts.

Price starts at Rs 49,999 [$660] pm for social media posting, growth hacking with monthly reporting.

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