Digital Marketing Agency

Insatiable curiosity

around our name?

Clients, partners and potential job seekers are always stumped.

We’re often asked by clients, staff and partners, from San Francisco to
London and Mumbai, why we’re called Pigtail Pundits.

We now know that our name involves everyone it touches.

We now know that it is also sufficiently and universally mysterious. It stumps folks who happen to hear it. It makes them overly and irresistibly curious, about us. It makes them question how we got our name.

Have the Pigtails arrived?

We remember a meeting with a client in Chennai to discuss design and UI help on international projects, a long time ago.

We arrived early and were ushered in quickly to meet with the Vice President. We were seated in front him when the receptionist rang to find out if the Pigtails had arrived. She asked the VP to alert her when we were leaving so that she could catch a glimpse of us, Martian creatures.

We thought that this was particularly hilarious.

“I am the one, non-dual Brahman free from duality. May my eye of intuition open.”

The spiritual significance of the tilaka?

The U with a dot in it represents the tilaka, a mark of auspiciousness. It is worn on the forehead with sandal paste, sacred ashes or kumkum (red tumeric). While there are many forms of tilaka, the one we have in our logo is traditionally the mark of Vaishnavites, the followers of Vishnu.

The tilaka is applied at the Ajna Chakra [the pineal gland is said to be behind this spot], the space between the two eyebrows.

It has a very cooling effect. Application of sandal paste has great medicinal value and spiritual influence. Application of sandal paste nullifies the heat generated when you concentrate and meditate on the pineal gland.

When you apply the tilaka, you mentally imagine:

I am the one, non-dual Brahman free from duality. May my eye of intuition open.

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