Pauravi Bhatt, our Creative Director from 1998 - 2006, talks fondly of life at Pigtail Pundits.

I start my computer and yell out to Disha, my colleague in the Art Department. "Hey Disha, where's the music?" She is ever ready to switch the music system on! (We can't get our act together without background music).

Then I start checking my mail (Unni gets up at 6.30 am to send us emails; we better start our day reading them:-).

The mailbox has a brief for a new site. Wiggy, our Copywriter [1999 - 2007] has already started tickling his grey cells! Once that happens, he wants immediate action and drives me up the wall with his hyperactivity.

Enter Unni: "Good morning, guys! Hey...did you read

the mail?" (Unni doesn't waste even a minute!).

"Yes Unni, We have already started thinking about the proposition."

He leaves us to our own and goes into his den.

It's noon and Wiggy and I are still trying to crack the proposition. We are almost there but there is something lacking...

Just then Unni comes up and asks us about our progress. "Let's go for a walk and brainstorm", he says.

Three of us go out and walk in the garden for a while, then sit under a bamboo tree and think!

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