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Realtor Reinvents Story Selling Online To Change Benchmark For Developers

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The Background

Modern Properties is a Kolkata-based Realtor selling premium homes and projects.

When Amit Kochhar wanted to build a website for results, he asked Pigtail Pundits to help.

We built a lead generation machine for him, instead.


The Challenge

Realty selling hasn’t evolved in India.

The websites of Developers and Realtors reek of self-indulgence and self-glorification.  

The objective of realtor websites was to to get leads at any cost by clubbing customers with tacky, intrusive, ubiquitous forms and popups.

The real challenge was to step away from what others were doing.

And use modern storytelling tactics rooted in customer-driven, proven  selling online.


The Solution

Pigtail Pundits delivered, what is arguably, the best sales-driven, story-propelled website in India for Modern Properties.

The Wordpress powered website features 12 services offered by Modern Properties. Each, sculpted with a storytelling copy framework to persuade.

Amit filled out a comprehensive questionnaire and we found the ideas for persuasion in it.

What’s more, the Property Listing Feature enables Amit to add new properties, categorize these, and post them at will.

The Results

Amit intends to be the #1 Resale Property Realtor in Kolkata in the next 2 years.

His dream website becomes a reality with Pigtail Pundits.

We’re now working on the automated retention systems for Modern Properties.


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