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Spectrum Consulting Positioned As Agile BPO for Oz & NZ Small Businesses

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The Background

Most Business Process Outsourcing companies largely cater to mid-sized or large companies. Very few BPOs which are meant to serve small businesses. 

HL Ramdoss, the CEO of Spectrum Consulting saw this gap in the market and wanted to tap into it. 

He wanted to establish Spectrum Consulting Services as a brand especially created for small businesses, specifically for businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

For this he wanted an elegant website which had the right messaging to persuade customers.

The Challenge

We don’t believe in shooting in the dark. So the first thing we had to do for Spectrum Consulting was audience research. This is basically to know the kind of people we were going to target.

Once we identified our TA, we had to create buyer personas. This is something which shapes the content and copy on a website.

We went one step further and researched the kind of language Spectrum’s TA uses. We also had to determine the keywords that would get into the copy. 

At last, we figured out which CMS would work best for Spectrum.

The Solution

We created two buyer personas. This was inspired by real people which we searched on Linkedin and simulated for Spectrum Consulting.

Then, using the personas and the vocabulary research we crafted the copy using storytelling frameworks. 

Content of value such as FAQs and Blogs was constructed after research.

We used Processwire as a CMS, as it perfectly suited Spectrum Consulting’s needs.

The Results

Spectrum Consulting got the best-in-class website, which not only has seamless functionality but has the right messaging, FAQs and content that will endear to small businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Our client HL Ramdoss was more than happy to have worked with us.

The customer outreach and promotions are on the way,

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