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How to give your company a memorable identity

Everyone of us, I’m sure, is aware of what a logo is. A logo is your company/business name represented in an innovative way with the help of fonts or symbols. Now, how important is it to have a creative logo? Consider this. If you happen to meet with a person who has an impressive personality, you would definitely want to know him/her better. Similarly, a logo stands for the personality of a company. A badly designed… View More

Content Marketing on gets a new boost.

Content Marketing on gets a new boost. is India’s first online marketplace for moving. In an unregulated industry of packers… View More

True or False: Design is highly overrated on the web in 2018?

Some of the frequent refrains I hear from clients when we do web projects are: Give me a design that’s stunning and best in class. The branding needs to be reinforced We need to get the images right The fact that these things are important only in so far as you get the customer to buy from you is lost somewhere in the arguments and the thinking. So the sell is forgotten and… View More

How to write copy that sells using the StoryBrand, PASTOR, and any other Copy Framework

I had written earlier about how to use research to understand pains and problems of your customers. Following that exercise, we need to piece together the messaging for… View More

Pigtail Pundits is nominated Site of the Week

Finding the time to devote to your own website revamp is difficult for a digital marketing agency. One, there are work pressures, unevenly distributed as usual. There is the daily anarchy of fires to fight, new business challenges to tackle, ongoing projects to manage, meetings to attend, and more. In this, your own website plans always take the… View More

5 SEO Tactics I wouldn’t use in 2021 for very good reasons.

Back in the day, it was easier for website owners and digital marketers to come up with a clever SEO strategy. While Google and other search engines were still trying to find their feet,… View More