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Content Marketing Made Easy: Who says that you have to write a lot?

If you know how to write well, your blog’s your field – you can write as much as you want. But if your goal is brand promotion and sales conversion, you need to know that your customers might not read all that you write. I’m not saying it’s not worth writing at all, in fact, your content might even be greatly shareable. But why go through the effort of thinking and typing so much when you’d get… View More

How to research users easily to create compelling communications.

For writing content to your audience, you need to research your audience first. Is there a recipe for creating brand personas for blogs and other or useful content on websites? You bet there is and it is given below. One way to understand your customer is to ask the brand owner about the pains and problems that customers in the brand category face.  But this may not necessarily work all the time. Few business… View More

How to write copy that sells using Donald Miller's StoryBrand Framework

I had written earlier about how to use research to understand pains and problems of your customers. Following that exercise, we need to piece together the messaging for… View More