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10 Red Flags that I have encountered when taking on new clients

After more than 10 years of servicing web clients, across the globe, I have managed to quintessence, what in my experience, are red flags that I have come across while meeting with clients for web development and design. Red flags connote danger. The business won’t happen, and if it does then there will surely be grief. Red flags have to be dealt with early in the project. Effectively. What… View More

Surely, there is a method in the madness of Design on the WWW

Is there a process in web design? Or is it just a list of things the clients want, put together by the team at the design agency, and suitably prettified in a way that they can justify it to the client? Is it guided by reason and logic? By some accepted set of standards? Agreed that web design is still a new industry but it has grown considerably in the last 12 years. Today, it is a combination of many new… View More

How to become HTML/CSS proficient in just 6 weeks

It was difficult getting trained HTML/ CSS resources to work with us. So, we did a small experiment at Pigtail Pundits. We decided to take on folks with some basic skills in Photoshop and design tools. We then ran them through our own special training menu. No prior HTML or CSS skills were necessary. So what was this… View More

Colours affect your customer's buying decisions. Learn How.

We invest a lot of time and money into getting a well-designed, persuasive website. After all, with the increasing number of people online these days, this has become an absolute necessity. Online purchasing seems to be the new trend,… View More

True or False: Design is highly overrated on the web in 2018?

Some of the frequent refrains I hear from clients when we do web projects are: Give me a design that’s stunning and best in class. The branding needs to be reinforced We need to get the images right The fact that these things are important only in so far as you get the customer to buy from you is lost somewhere in the arguments and the thinking. So the sell is forgotten and… View More

How to research users easily to create compelling communications.

For writing content to your audience, you need to research your audience first. Is there a recipe for creating brand personas for blogs and other or useful content on websites? You bet there is and it is given below. One way to understand your customer is to ask the brand owner about the pains and problems that customers in the brand category face.  But this may not necessarily work all the time. Few business… View More

How to write copy that sells using the StoryBrand, PASTOR, and any other Copy Framework

I had written earlier about how to use research to understand pains and problems of your customers. Following that exercise, we need to piece together the messaging for… View More

Insanely easy framework to make Digital Marketing graspable by your grandmother.

I see a lot of marketing practitioners and clients struggling with the digital marketing concepts. There is a sense of drowning in the information that’s available on the web. Technology changes are fast and furious. The pace at which what works and what doesn't changes is crazy. Everything is part of an ever-changing continuum. The first problem with digital marketing is the need for a common framework which helps you… View More

Pigtail Pundits is nominated Site of the Week

Finding the time to devote to your own website revamp is difficult for a digital marketing agency. One, there are work pressures, unevenly distributed as usual. There is the daily anarchy of fires to fight, new business challenges to tackle, ongoing projects to manage, meetings to attend, and more. In this, your own website plans always take the… View More

How to hire a StoryBrand or Any Copywriter to Sell on your Website and Landing Page.

As an online marketer today, you’d be very concerned about How do you sell on your website with better results How to sell on your landing pages for better ROI on your Adwords spend?  The answer is simple and complicated: It lies in better persuasion. But, there’s a warning. Better persuasion works if you have a decent product, or service. If the product, or service sucks then… View More

6 proven ways to increase your website’s conversion rate

We’d totally trust you if you said your business was unique. That it solved a problem no one else does. We’d also believe you if you said you’re doing your best to promote your business online, but failing to see results. The question you need to ask yourself is, are you doing the right thing? Are you targeting the right audience? And using the right marketing medium? Having worked with hundreds of clients,… View More

10 Elements You Ought to Split Test on Your Website

No matter how many guides you read, or how much experience you gain, the only true way to get the most out of your website is to test and retest each element. After all, every audience is different, and as trends change and consumer needs evolve, a formerly winning strategy can quickly become obsolete. This is where A/B testing comes in. Also known as split testing, this valuable optimization strategy enables you to fine tune your… View More

6 Reasons Why Front End Web Development Is a Great Career Choice

Are you weighing up the pros and cons of becoming a front end web developer? Contemplating if a front end web engineer is the right career choice?  Well, let me tell you, it has worked out really well for 100s of colleagues who have trained with us at Pigtail Pundits. It’s a lucrative profession that’s in demand right now! Plus, it’s the kind of profession where you get to be creative and think out of… View More