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Holy Cow! How does one choose from 878 Content Management Systems?

Given the salutary, all-round benefits of embracing a CMS today, both by an agency and by a client, how exactly does one go about selecting one? One way would be to go through the entire list at CMS Matrix. A better way would be… View More

Working with Joomla: A Designer’s View

I was introduced to Joomla, two years ago, when I joined Pigtail Pundits; until then, I had just some idea of creating HTML pages and little knowledge of CSS. No PHP, javascript or ajax knowledge. I was not even familiar with the languages used on the web. All I knew was that if a website had to… View More

How to stumble upon a CMS and live happily ever after

Let me share with you how we, at Pigtail Pundits stumbled upon a CMS and the wonderful events that led us to do so. Down from 12 programmers to 3, we had to findWhile we were using DadaBik, I had two of our team experiment with… View More

5 SEO Tactics I wouldn’t use in 2019 for very good reasons.

Back in the day, it was easier for website owners and digital marketers to come up with a clever SEO strategy. While Google and other search engines were still trying to find their feet, SEO specialists were plying their tricks and trades to beat the SE algorithms and boost the search results. These tactics worked back then but today search engines like Google change its algorithm 500 to 600 times a year. Even though these are… View More