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Top 5 Copywriting Blogs

Not really… More like, “A Few Copywriting Blogs; which we’re unsure whether are in the top 5, or best read, or most viewed.” None particularly crafty, praiseworthy, or enthusiasm-generating. Most fail to be literally appealing. A humorous one is as rare as a reformed terrorist. All written to gain marketability (touché), to sell their ancillary product or service. Unabashedly SEO. But… View More

Pigtail Pundits is nominated Site of the Week

Finding the time to devote to your own website revamp is difficult for a digital marketing agency. One, there are work pressures, unevenly distributed as usual. There is the daily anarchy of fires to fight, new business challenges to tackle, ongoing projects to manage, meetings to attend, and more. In this, your own website plans always take the… View More