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Learn to Write Winning Blogs, Social Media Content and Website Copy that Converts. In just 90 days.

A Free Course for Young Writers Wanting to Turn Pros in Business Writing Opportunities to work as a freelance writer, or in a job, is certain after this course Taught by practitioners with 19 years of experience working with content online for Indian and International clients Devote just 4 hours of your week for in-class training in Mumbai to learn the ropes of writing for the web every… View More

Why Marketers Should Use Facebook?

Here are a few Jaw-Dropping Statistics about Facebook. It is available in more than 70 different languages.  Google ranks Facebook as the no. 2 website in terms of traffic. 48% of users between the age group of 18 to 34 login as soon as they wake up 57% of people have more online conversations than real life ones. A… View More

5 Social Media Trends That You Should Be Aware Of

Social Media Marketing has evolved over the years. It has seen new trends and will be undergoing huge changes in the coming years. Therefore, your social media strategy cannot remain static. It is necessary to reassess your strategies, your goals, your social media campaigns once a year so that you don’t lag behind. It will also give you a clear idea where you should invest a majority of your time as… View More

Content Marketing Made Easy: Who says that you have to write a lot?

If you know how to write well, your blog’s your field – you can write as much as you want. But if your goal is brand promotion and sales conversion, you need to know that your customers might not read all that you write. I’m not saying it’s not worth writing at all, in fact, your content might even be greatly shareable. But why go through the effort of thinking and typing so much when you’d get… View More

7 Hard facts for your Content Marketing Strategy

You lose an opportunity when you spend more time creating and promoting content and less time optimizing it - make it shareable for consumers. 1. Look beyond Twitter & Facebook One of the common myths is that sharing only on Facebook and Twitter is enough to market your content. Major social sharing buttons limit new user acquisition and page views. The lesser… View More

Understanding the Content Formats Your Audience Loves

How much content can you write, or curate? Do you have the resources or the time and inclination to publish on a weekly or daily basis? Do you prefer the monthly basis? The content plan needs to be prepared according to the time schedule. If you cannot follow the content plan according to the predetermined schedule, it is better to avoid content formats that require consistency, such as newsletters or… View More

Content Marketing on gets a new boost.

Content Marketing on gets a new boost. is India’s first online marketplace for moving. In an unregulated industry of packers… View More

5 SEO Tactics I wouldn’t use in 2021 for very good reasons.

Back in the day, it was easier for website owners and digital marketers to come up with a clever SEO strategy. While Google and other search engines were still trying to find their feet,… View More

6 proven ways to increase your website’s conversion rate

We’d totally trust you if you said your business was unique. That it solved a problem no one else does. We’d also believe you if you said you’re doing your best to promote your business online, but failing to see results. The question you need to ask yourself is, are you doing the right thing? Are you targeting the right audience? And using the right marketing medium? Having worked with hundreds of clients,… View More

6 Ways Social Media and SEO Work Together

Myriads of people think that social media and SEO work exclusively, or that they are separate entities. On the surface, it may seem that SEO and social media work as competing strategies, one for web crawlers and one for humans. But in reality, they want to achieve the same thing, namely; relevance for, and engagement from, your audience. The connection between the two can be confusing. Do your social media signals… View More