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Content Marketing Made Easy: Who says that you have to write a lot?

If you know how to write well, your blog’s your field – you can write as much as you want. But if your goal is brand promotion and sales conversion, you need to know that your customers might not read all that you write. I’m not saying it’s not worth writing at all, in fact, your content might even be greatly shareable. But why go through the effort of thinking and typing so much when you’d get… View More

11 Absolute Typography Essentials for non-designers

We all struggle at times with basic typography elements. With these basic rules of thumb, you can prepare good, readable content. You do not have to be a designer to work with these elements. It is just common sense. 1. Design for mobile You can narrow the screen of the browser to up to 320 pixels, and see if your content is clearly viewable on a mobile screen. You can select the font type… View More

Top 10 Must Have Books for a Content Marketer

Several relevant books have hit the market, here is a list of few books that caught our attention. 1. 36 Content Marketers who Rock The e-book helps you understand and proactively diversifying content distribution, formats and messaging across platforms is essential for content reach and engagement. 2. The Future of Digital Engagement Retail touch points and LivePerson put… View More

Top 10 must read blogs on content marketing this Holiday season

Since we are almost at the end of the year, we decided to get nostalgic and give you the best current blogs to read on content marketing. Some of the best content marketing strategies are given in these sites. 1. Copyblogger Copyblogger started when the term content marketing was not even introduced yet. They began in 1998 and Copyblogger officially started off in 2006 by a guy named Brian Clark.… View More

Top Nine No Nonsense Tips to a better Website

There is a lot written about websites on the Internet. There is no instant mix to create a successful website, but there are things you can do to enable visits to your website again and again. In this blog $ infographic, we will talk about the essentials for a good website. No high funda, just simple… View More

Create Websites That Don't Suck At Conversion

Okay! You've got a website that has a great copy, beautiful images, and sensational visual effects. But something is missing. Chances are you've missed that three letter acronym that is critical to your website's performance for results. CRO, or Conversion rate Optimization. If you're in the business of creating, developing, or marketing websites, you need to be focused on… View More

Content Marketing on gets a new boost.

Content Marketing on gets a new boost. is India’s first online marketplace for moving. In an unregulated industry of packers… View More

Why is everyone going gaga over marketing automation?

Every marketer you meet these days is talking about marketing automation. Some can’t stop recommending it. Others think it’s a passing fad. Some have tried it and failed. Business owners, on the other hand, are still not sure who to trust. Many business owners as well as marketers are hesitant about trying marketing automation for their business. If you, like the many around, are curious about… View More

How to hire a StoryBrand or Any Copywriter to Sell on your Website and Landing Page.

As an online marketer today, you’d be very concerned about How do you sell on your website with better results How to sell on your landing pages for better ROI on your Adwords spend?  The answer is simple and complicated: It lies in better persuasion. But, there’s a warning. Better persuasion works if you have a decent product, or service. If the product, or service sucks then… View More

Tips for Restaurants to Thrive Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

As we all know, due to the COVID-19 outbreak most countries had imposed a complete lockdown in most of their states. No doubt that this lockdown was the need of the hour, but due to this step taken, most businesses around the world have taken a major hit.  The restaurant business is no exception. Right now restaurants are operating partially for delivery and take-outs. Even after the lockdown is lifted the… View More