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6 Ways Social Media and SEO Work Together

Myriads of people think that social media and SEO work exclusively, or that they are separate entities. On the surface, it may seem that SEO and social media work as competing strategies, one for web crawlers and one for humans. But in reality, they want to achieve the same thing, namely; relevance for, and engagement from, your audience. The connection between the two can be confusing. Do your social media signals… View More

Learn to Write Winning Blogs, Social Media Content and Website Copy that Converts. In just 90 days.

A Free Course for Young Writers Wanting to Turn Pros in Business Writing Opportunities to work as a freelance writer, or in a job, is certain after this course Taught by practitioners with 19 years of experience working with content online for Indian and International clients Devote just 4 hours of your week for in-class training in Mumbai to learn the ropes of writing for the web every… View More

Why Marketers Should Use Facebook?

Here are a few Jaw-Dropping Statistics about Facebook. It is available in more than 70 different languages.  Google ranks Facebook as the no. 2 website in terms of traffic. 48% of users between the age group of 18 to 34 login as soon as they wake up 57% of people have more online conversations than real life ones. A… View More

2014 is here! Is your blog worth celebrating for?

Having a company blog that sells your product, or service is no rocket science. And blog conversion is not a new phenomenon. Still, many blogs are underperformers. Is your blog one of them? Is it giving you the desired return on investment? Here’s how you can find out. Check social media metrics Blog posts are eventually seeded into the social media. What better way than to check a blog’s success in the social arena?… View More

Spreading a little word about Buzz Analytics

The other day, at one of our regular coffee chats with the senior partner here, he dropped the word, “Buzz Analytics”. “Heard about it”, I said, “but how important is it?” “It’s a very effective tool,” he replied, and went on to quote Shane Atchison of Zaaz, who says “the explosion of online dialogue isn’t going away, and you can either sit on the sidelines or try to proactively influence and manage… View More

How to give your company a memorable identity

Everyone of us, I’m sure, is aware of what a logo is. A logo is your company/business name represented in an innovative way with the help of fonts or symbols. Now, how important is it to have a creative logo? Consider this. If you happen to meet with a person who has an impressive personality, you would definitely want to know him/her better. Similarly, a logo stands for the personality of a company. A badly designed… View More

Holy Cow! How does one choose from 878 Content Management Systems?

Given the salutary, all-round benefits of embracing a CMS today, both by an agency and by a client, how exactly does one go about selecting one? One way would be to go through the entire list at CMS Matrix. A better way would be… View More

Working with Joomla: A Designer’s View

I was introduced to Joomla, two years ago, when I joined Pigtail Pundits; until then, I had just some idea of creating HTML pages and little knowledge of CSS. No PHP, javascript or ajax knowledge. I was not even familiar with the languages used on the web. All I knew was that if a website had to… View More

How to stumble upon a CMS and live happily ever after

Let me share with you how we, at Pigtail Pundits stumbled upon a CMS and the wonderful events that led us to do so. Down from 12 programmers to 3, we had to findWhile we were using DadaBik, I had two of our team experiment with… View More

Where is Social Networking headed?

Is content, and conversations about content driving the next social networking wave? By now, we do know that pure social networking sites MySpace, Orkut,… View More